Fishing BAN?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Jul 30, 2010.

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    better buy the "water rights" to that bug out property. other wise the water company owns the rain.

    I read about a situation on this in colorado. Where they (folks collecting rain water) were sued to stop drum collection of rain as that water would "replinish" the water table that they( water right owners) owned.

    After thinking about it. I think one would have a claim against the water company (or water right owner) against any water damage on ones property.
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    Don't most fish now have high levels of mercury.

    As far as water rights, lets see them try to enforce that.
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    Is there end to the greed?....apparently not....
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    The corporations fully intend on controlling every atomic molecule along with every human being on the planet and walk like Gods amongst the serfs. If you believe something to be free and unowned, don't hold your breath because its already patented.
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    "When they outlaw fishing poles, only outlaws will have fishing poles...."

    I know a few 'secret fishing holes'..... I prefer fresh-caught over "Mrs. Pauls Tasteless Fish Sticks".......
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