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Discussion in 'Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing' started by mysterymet, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. mysterymet

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    what do you guys recommend for good fishing gear? I do a bit of recreational fishing and have a few light set ups but nothing professional grade by any means...
  2. RightHand

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    Depends on the kind of fishing. I do a lot of fly fishing and use a bamboo rod (was my dad's) with an Orvis Battenkill large arbor reel. For brook and lake fishing, I use a lightweight graphite rod with any number of different reels depending on the fishing site. For salt water, I use a HD spinning reel and a composite rod. I probably have 2 dozen rods and almost as many reels so for lake and salt water, I change them out sometimes depending on the catch of the day. If I'm fishing for flats I might opt for a different rod than for bluefish.
  3. Gator 45/70

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    Well if this is a SHTF question,Then i will use my hoopnet or a gill net...
    Just for food...since i guess rule's and regulation's no longer exist...
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    If you are asking for recreational... i like the old cane pole for fresh water... and a old mitchell rod and reel for pier fishing...

    if you are asking for worse case scenario... buy a trot line they are cheap and effective...
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