Fishing Knife Injustice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Student suspended, criminally charged for fishing knife left in father’s car - Yahoo News
    What a bunch of B.S. maddd
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  2. kellory

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    Teach a man to fish, and his kid gets kicked out of school....or something like that. What a crock.
  3. BTPost

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    Good thing, this didn't happen to MY Kid, I would be litigating the Vice Principal, the Principle, the School District, the County, the Sheriff, and any Deputy, involved with the Arrest or Confiscation of the Knife, ALL Personally, each and every one of them. I would hire the Nastiest, Sleaziest LawDog I could find, and be holding a NEWS Conference, in front of the School, the School District Offices, the Sheriff's Office, and anywhere else I could think of. They would Rue the Day, they pulled this crap, on My Family... I would make an Announcement at these News Conferences, that I will be spending "My Last Dime" to see that ALL Elected Officials, that had anything to do with this case, or the Policy involved, be voted Out of Office, the very next Election Cycle, and If I had My Way, I would see that Vice Principle, in JAIL for Bullying My Kid. Then I would have my LawDog serve them with Legal NOTICE, that they have NO RIGHT, or Permission, to search My Vehicle, without Physical Notice BeforeHand, to ME, and get MY Approval, IN WRITING, unless they have a VALID Warrant, signed by the local Judge, and If they ever violate My Rights, as Legal Owner of the vehicle in question, again, in such a manner, I will have them in Federal District Court, on a 4th Amendment violation, so fast, it will make the Heads Spin. These NEA Thugs are going WAY to Far....

    Of course, these guys would have NEVER tried to pull this crap on My Kid, because I would have ALREADY had my Standard SitDown Chat with the Principal, before my Kid, ever set foot in the school, as a Freshman. He would already been on NOTICE, that I do NOT believe in BS, and am adamant, about Their and MY Duties and Responsibilities, when my Kid is in their care, at School, and what I EXPECT from them, if there is ANY Question, concerning MY Kid. ......
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    Don't think it would fly, BT. The kid had costodial care of the car (you let him drive it) and the kid said go ahead and search. (He felt he had nothing to hide.) Permission WAS given.
  5. BTPost

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    Actually if the KID was under 18 Years of AGE, he can not give consent, Legally.... or Waive His Rights. AND you see in MY case, since I already Had the Standard Chat with the Principle, and made that EXACT Point, before Hand, that My consent as OWNER of ALL My Kids Stuff, as they are MINORS, and I give them (the school) NO CONSENT, or Permission, in General, do NOT wave ANY of My Rights, and will Sue their collective A$$ Off if they violate My Rights. The school would be in DEEP Crap. .......
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    As long as you have your bases covered. However, on school grounds, the school board seems to think they are a law unto themselves. locker searches (legal because they own them) random searches (not really random, but used any time there is suspicion.) and of course "gun free zones" almost everywhere (for the children) they have a pretty wide latitude with what the court lets them get away with.
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    Some school districts like ours issue parking passes so kids can bring their car to high school and park within the school ground lots. If I remember correctly the issuance of the parking pass is based on you signing for it.... which also has a statement to the effect of consent to searches while on school grounds.
  8. BTPost

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    If that were the case, I would be told during my "Chat" and my kid would NOT be driving to school, or they would be parking Off Campus.... PERIOD, and I would be moving to unElect the School Board for violating Parents Rights...
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    More BS from the "zero tolerance" crowd. Yeah, so it was in the car. Did he bring it into the school? nope, was it in his backpack/bookbag? nope.

    Pencils and pens can be used as dangerous weapons, we should ban them from schools. Don't forget paper, it can cut you which may lead to an infection, get rid of it. Can't use tablet computers cause the glass screen could get broken and then you'd have sharp objects to hurt people with.
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  10. DarkLight

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    As far as "zero tolerance" goes, I've found that it's only zero tolerance if you are white and middle class. My son was, literally, just shy of beaten up multiple times in grade school and absolutely nothing was done. I was even lied to by the principal that she would a) in school suspend them for a week and b) revoke their cafeteria rights for the rest of the school year. There ended up being NO ISS and they were out of the cafeteria for one day.

    My son fought back on the last occasion and we were called in and threatened with ISS for him and told it opened us up to civil litigation. I simply pulled out my phone and started dialing. The principal asked me what I was doing and I said "I'm calling WSOC-TV. They're going to love this. My son gets bullied for 3 years and nothing is done. He fights back in SELF DEFENSE and you call it escalation and retaliation and threaten to suspend him. Oh, and I've been recording this conversation since I don't need your approval since this is a one-party state." I honestly thought she was going to vomit, crap and pee herself all at the same time.

    Needless to say that word went out not to F**K with my son. I have told him that if it EVER happens again, he is to end the fight permanently. No, don't kill them but beat them so badly that NOBODY will EVER want to mess with you again. If it means he gets hauled off to juvie, I'll back him 100% and the school district will learn to fear our last name. I'm DONE with PC and all that goes along with it. I'm fine with live and let live. I don't have to agree with you or your lifestyle or your reasons for why you do things but so help me GOD, if you...mess...with my family then all bets are off and I do NOT play to lose. I don't fight fair either, you will END the situation.

    As one of my favorite authors wrote in a coupe of his books..."Period F*****G DOT!"

    ETA - Sorry, I'm in a foul mood today and this thread brought all that back up.
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