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  1. mage2

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    This weekend I went fishing for the first time in along time. I had purchased a inexpensive rod/reel tackle combo from a local sports equipment store.
    Near my house is a small creek that feeds a somewhat small pond. In going I expected to possibly catch some small perch and such.

    Well I ended up catching 2 large catfish, a small bass, and the perch I expected. I did release them all back in to the water. The reason I bring this up is , what are others comments on using fishing in a survival situation?

    I fear that a large part of the young generation has lost the skills to fish, not to mention the ability to sit still for more than a few minutes. To some I am part of the young generation. I know I spend too much time in a virtual world and less time doing and practicing.
  2. ozarkgoatman

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    I would say in genral you are spot on. :rolleyes: Our daughter is homeschooled though and part her schooling is what we call life skills. She learns about fishing, hunting, gardening, herbs, and such.

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    Yup, I agree that the younger generation cannot sit still long enough to get anything done. That said, my daughter - soon to be 3 - will be homeschooled and taught those "life lessons" that OGM talked about.

    That said, again, a buddy of mine and his 2 boys are going "camping" in 2 weeks. I say "camping" because we will be working on survival skills (hiking, fire building, shelter, COOKING, fishing, etc.)
  4. Blackjack

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    Probably the one thing my father taught me that has brought me more fun and cherished memories than any other.

    I don't remember many good things about my father at all, but when we were fishing, we were buddies.

    I have no children to pass that on to, but I have passed it on to my nephew and to several friends over the years.
  5. Bear

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    I love fishing!.... rod and reel on the reef.... lots of fun....

    In a survival situation I'd pass on the rod and reel ... probably use a net set across a good spot or straight out on the edge of a "pond" or lake... passive gathering like traps and snares.... and spend my time getting other things done... and then check it later... set it at dusk... check it in the morning... or otherwise... depending on the body of water and the fish you're after...
    I used to make survival nets... about 10-15 feet long, monofilament, 2.5-3" or larger eyes... black top line and bottom to secure it.... no floats for stealth or 3 brown floats if I wanted... 3-6 lead to keep it on the bottom.... works very well... packs up to the size of a zip loc snack bag or a quart bag and weighs next to nothing.... (unless I put the lead on)

    I'll post some pics if anyone is interested.... you can catch birds with it as well... well placed... it'll tangle up game pretty well, monofilament is clear so its hard to see and it lasts a good long time.... not a bad thing to have....
  6. ozarkgoatman

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    Bear I would like to see a pic or two of your nets. [winkthumb]

  7. BAT1

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    Went fishing this weekend in Town lake Austin Tx. and caught a 9lb 3oz large mouth bass and fileted it. Damn near broke my 12lb pole. Thank the great spirit it didn't . UHMMM good. Once in a life time catch. Chartuse/ red swim bait . My freinds are so pissed. Grilled it. [touchdown]
  8. ghrit

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  9. mage2

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    BAT1 ,you are in austin area also. That is nice to hear.
    I have one son so far and even at the ripe old age of 2, he is learing how to love nature. We go for walks along that stream/pond. He loves it.
    Bear do you think you could throw some pics and a quick how to , on those nets?
  10. duanet

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    Would love to hear more about nets and making them. See them for sale around here as decorations! Guess it is illeagal or not politicaly correct to even suggest that you might use them for "fishing". That said I can see that knowing how to make a net and stocking some materials to make a net would be a real asset and might be a lot of fun as well. I kow form my politically incorrect childhood that we had several different nets. Minnow nets to catch bait with, sucker nets to catch them when they were running, and gill nets to catch the larger fish and let the small ones pass through. My grandfather had it down to an art, but I have forgotten much of what he did in that area. Couldn't make a net now if my life depended on it and that is a very scary thought. Thus would like any comment that you might have on making or repairing a net for fishing, catching birds or even game. I have seen old newsreels where they used them in Africa to catch deer sized and down game that they had driven into them and pictures of them being used to catch animals in areas behind new dams that were being flooded. Both uses were pointing out that they were the most efficient way of catching a lot of things very quickly.
  11. sheen_estevez

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    I live in an area of woods and lakes, when I lived in the city all I did was come up here and spend the summers fishing. Now I live here and haven't gone fishing since moving here full time some 25 years ago. My wife goes fishing all the time, funny thing is she doesn't like to touch or eat them. She takes the boys fishing with her. This year I am going to get my gear out and take it back up, that is if the snow ever stops and the ice melts on the lakes.

    You are right about kids not being able to sit still, my kids also start with the nothing to do statements as soon as they get up, gets old real quick, so now they are cleaning :D

    In a SHTF situation fishing would be a good for food supply, both using nets and rod & reels, I'm thinking the later would also help keep your mind off of the situation at hand if even for just a little bit.
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