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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hosster, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Hosster

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    I haven't seen this chart on this forum. Before you go adjusting your sights, make sure it is not user error.
    This chart is for right-handers. Flip the image if you are left-handed.
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  2. Thank you for posting this, It has been so long since I have seen it I had almost forgotten it.

    I'm gonna copy it and print some out and take em with me to the range to share around.

  3. ssonb

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    Print it and tape over the bullseye on the target. Nuthin like getting instant feedback!
  4. TexasAggie

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    Is the chart reversed for us leftys?
  5. ghrit

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  6. Smitty

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    Thanks, never seen this before
  7. If you apply yourself, you can memorize it and just give yourself and others feedback without having to have it, but the thing really helps if you are teaching others, cause seeing it on a target makes it seem more real to them for some reason.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    This assumes that you can keep it on the paper.... and the weapons sights are zeroed... BUt it is a great tool
  9. ssonb

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    Or you can tape it to the backside of the target and even have the option to flip it over for lefty then after you see the pattern remove it and point it out to the student.
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    And just what in the goat flyin hell makes you think I want to apply myself?

    It requires far less effort to have it given to me by someone else and then I can downsize it to something the size of a credit card and when people at the range fubb shots, I can reference that card without them knowing. Then I can interject like I know what the f*** I know what I am talking about when I dont have a clue!

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  11. Thanks for the chart, not sure mine is?? I needed this.
  12. Jeff Brackett

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    Nice. Looks like I'm "tightening fingers" too much. Gonna print this sucker out!
  13. PAGUY

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    Classic chart that is used throughout the teaching community. Thank you for posting it.
  14. gunbunny

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    I was just shooting a stainless steel Kahr K-9 this weekend that was a police trade-in. The front sight was drifted to the right a bit, and my first thoughts were that the pistol was probably fine; it was the previous operator that drifted the sight to compensate for his/her lack of proficeincy with the weapon.

    When I shot it at 25 yards, I got a nice 3" group that was about 5" to the left of the target center. This time, I was right. I only fired 50 rounds (147gr Ranier Ballistics trunticated cone TMJ with 4.5grains of Unique and multiple times reloaded mixed casings primed with CCI small pistol primers) and called it a day. I want to shoot some 124gr Hornady XTP's after I drift the front sight back to center and see how it goes from there.

    According to the chart, this indicates "thumbing" or overextension of the trigger finger by the shooter. I've spent some time with a Glock and dry-fired it numerous times while watching how the pistol twists and turns in my hand just as it trips. I haven't done this yet with the Kahr, but give me time.

    I can see how one could overextend their trigger finger with the Kahr because it has an unusually long trigger travel. The pull is rather light, and the reset is just like a Glock, but you have to pull the trigger pretty far back to trip it.
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