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    I used this on the outsides of my wood bowls... it works great and fills in cracks thta are there from age

    still using oil on the interior of the bowls
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    For sealing canvas and using as an oilcloth treatment, you can use the following basic guide:

    1 part beeswax
    1 part paraffin wax
    1/2 part linseed oil / or turpentine -- or -- you can use a mixture of both in equal amounts

    Heat gently and very carefully, outdoors or in a well ventilated area. The mixture is flammable. Do not use the container you mix for this waterproofing for anything else, ever. I use an old paint can, for example (and seal up the rest for later use).

    Apply while liquid and warm in even amounts, using a single, light coating with criss-cross pattern (paint brush). Go back over to touch up areas you find to be problematic. The best time to do this is in warm weather when you can lay the clothing out in the sun. Pay special attention to the seam areas and coat these generously. The heavier wax may tend to crust on the exterior, but will peel off with use or by flexing and working it in by hand in the sunny weather.

    Reapply as needed (usually every year or so).
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