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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gunbunny, Mar 26, 2011.

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    That's actually...kind of neat?

    It would certainly be useful in a time when gun confiscation is popular.
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    Put it in a box of 12 Ga Shotguns Shells, and stick it a back corner of a small closet, up in the back of a BIG SHELF.... ALONG with a brick of HV .22LRs...
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    Monkey want...
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    I got one shortly after that post.

    It works.

    May not be the first or best choice for a firearm, but it is useable, and easily carried as it weights just a few ounces. I even thought about putting pistol sights on the flare gun, or maybe just a shotgun bead. Anything will help when looking over a bare barrel.

    It will shoot relatively tight if you keep putting the barrel in the same position every time. The barrel is slightly offset from the center so the firing pin strikes the rim.

    I would look into this more: Zombie Series Adapters ---- ( 3 inch Rifled ) - 12 gauge Rifled adapters - Short Lane
    But for some reason they don't make then in 2 3/4" so they can be used in a regular pump or manually operated in a semi. I don't have any break-open actions.
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    This is nice... a must have for the flare kit.
    I'm not up to date on my milimeters... does this thing fit the 12 gauge flare guns sold at Walmart and Academy ?

    nm... I see it's not.
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    26.5mm is about 1 inch. It won't fit a 12 guage, but the surplus flare pistols are usually pretty cheap. I started collecting them when I still had a sailboat. Of course, all of the surplus ammo for the 26.5mm verys was too old to be of legal use by the coast guard. All I can say that all of them that I ever tried have gone off flawlessly.
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    I was not aware of the 26.5mm. the only sizes I knew of in common usage was 12ga. and 35mm. I did find a specialty ammo company that makes flares to fit .410 as well as .20ga.
  12. gunbunny

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    the 26.5mm is common to the military in europe. It is a bit smaller than the 37mm flares or gas cartridges. The 26.5mm is only limited to flare and signal projectiles, whereas the 37mm and 40mm are considered primarily grenade cartridges and have payloads with that in mind. Flares for the 37mm are basically an afterthought for the American market so we can have a reason to load them (other then smoke projectiles) and have fun without being a destructive device.

    The flares for shotgun cartridges are shortened shells, so if you get an adapter for the 26.5mm flare gun to shoot 12 ga flares, it will ONLY fit the shorter flare shells, not the 2 3/4" low brass like everybody wished they would. I'm not sure I would want to be holding it when touching that off, though.

    This is a sturdy 26.5mm flare gun: Flare Pistol, CZECH Model VZ44, 26.5mm w/ Holster, Lanyard, Cleaning Rod & Brush Gun Parts | 1431630 | Numrich Gun Parts APEX Gun Parts H&K Flare Gun 26.5MM : HK Flare Signal Pistols are on sale now! - Keepshooting® and
    Military Surplus 26.5mm Polish Signal Flare Gun

    Here are the flare cartridges:
    10 Rounds Of 26.5mm Signal Flares - 442687, Flare Guns/Access at Sportsman's Guide
    FLARES, FLARE GUNS & ACCESSORIES and Survival Supplies - Featured Items - Military Shooters LLC

    Here are the chamber adapters: NEW! GaugeMate Flare Adapters
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