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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Ganado, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Ganado

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  3. Yard Dart

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    I have a Goal Zero camp light that works off of solar.... had it for years and still works fine.
  4. SB21

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    Never have tried one. Been meaning to pick one up just to have around in case it does turn out to be an asset. Might look into the one YardDart mentioned. Will be watching this thread for some recommendations.
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  5. Yard Dart

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    Lighthouse Core Rechargeable Lantern & USB Power Hub
  6. SB21

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  7. DKR

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  8. sourdough145

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    Yep still have on, stilla pita to use. Capacitor can go bad (drys out)... Now use LED lights of several varieties all of which use the 18650 Lii battery and USB chargable. Plus will also help charge my phone in a pinch. One of my favs is an LED clamp light and a USB power bank. Goes with me everywhere I travel.
  9. chelloveck

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    Dynamo torches are handy, if annoying. The better ones have a rechargeable battery so that continous operation of the charger is not required. The best ones have a USB charging port.

    Like many mechnical things with moving parts...they will wear out or break over time. Hopefully not at a time that is maximally incovenient.
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  10. Gray Wolf

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    I've had several years ago. We got several years of use out of the Russian ones that had a lever you kept squeezing to keep the light going. Then some were similar to what you have pictures, those didn't seem to last very long. Now we just use led lights with rechargeable 18650 batteries.
  11. hot diggity

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    I've got both of those, and have abused them by leaving them in the hot car for years. In a pinch I'm sure they'd both work IF I had a free hand or two to crank or shake them to illuminate what I needed to see. Noisy, annoying, and cheaply made. I think you'd be better off for light with some solar garden lights that you bring inside at night. I've got some of these that are at least 5 years old and still work.

    This one doesn't take batteries, and it's 98 years old. Still works like new.

  12. Brokor

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    @Ganado I wouldn't use the shake lights, they are pure trash.

    Here's what I bought years ago, still have about half a dozen around the house, in backpacks, in the car, etc.

    I like them, I really do. Sure, there are many products out there on the market that can be improved upon, and this is no exception. It would serve them right to make the crank arm steel and have it connect firmly, but if you're not really cranking on this thing, it will keep working for years to come. I've only had one of these give me trouble, and it still works, I just need to be more careful with it because the crank will skip once in a while, indicating I'm cranking too fast. At night when I use these lights, they throw off a decent amount of light, it's nothing to brag about, though. These little things maintain a charge pretty well, more than a handful of minutes before the light starts to dim, and that's nothing a little cranking can't solve.
    These are not the best option for quality of lighting, but for emergencies, I wouldn't look any further. No fuel, no batteries, no fuss.
  13. RouteClearance

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    I had a Baygen unit years ago. It had a wind up clock type spring that spun a small generator in the unit

    This was the size of a football that gave off some good light for about 20 minutes. I had to discard it some time ago after I could not find any bulb replacements.
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  14. sourdough145

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    Too bad it, was a good setup... These days an LED replacement would have been available. If you still have it post the bulb info and I will find a replacement for you. What can I say, hate to let anything go to waste...
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  15. Ganado

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    the solar powered lamps i have are great but you have to charge em everyday. Same issue with my small solar power packs. Just not that efficient to actually use. I have small led flash lights with batteries and they are great, just looking at the 2nd type of backup for emergency lighting and wondering if these were a good option. I didnt care for the 2 i had. one was no good and the other is still running.

    thanks for the ideas and tips!
  16. DKR

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    Pro tip

    If you have a 'crank' flashlight or radio - take the time to change up the internal battery about 2 or 3 x a year. Like this

    Otherwise the installed battery will suffer from cell reversal. Then, what you have is junk - when you want flashlight or radio....
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  17. RouteClearance

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    It went into a box of other nick nacks that I donated to my local Mission thrift store.
  18. HK_User

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    I keep a solar led hanging under the dinning room light and it stays charged from the dinning light.
    Always know where it is and always charged.
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