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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Tikka, Nov 14, 2011.

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    sigh....If only i had a stream on the property....
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    ram pumps have been around for years
    they arent difficult to make either
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    Good Post Tikka

    The hydraulic ram is a useful means of transporting water. The waste water can be redirected by pipes or channels to a place of storage, to an irrigated garden perhaps or back into the water course that it originally came from.

    Here is a youtube link to an alternative design.....the air chamber element is quite cute, but yet very functional! ; )

    Dans Vädurspump - YouTube

    In a BOL where you are trying to keep detection signatures low key, it may be a little noisy....but it shouldn't be too difficult to design and deploy some kind of sound suppression system so that it is not as noticeable.
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    A couple of hundred years.

    I found a short history which is interesting.
    The Ram Company, Home Page.

    Smoke from a cooking fire and how far can a rooster crowing be heard? As we must maintain ourselves, tend our crops and animals; we are at a disadvantage.
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    yeah i have one of the original copies of M. G. Kains "five acres and independence"
    ram pumps are very well gone over in it
    if i recall correctly it was published in the 1800's
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    That is true Tikka....ever since the domestication of crops and animals have rooted humans to a fixed locality, rather than the nomadic life of hunter / gatherers, farmers have often become the targets of banditry. That is not to say that some creative problem solving using deception, camouflage and concealment can't minimise the risks of detection to some extent and lessen the opponent's advantages of the initiative.

    Whether you're bugging in..or bugging out....every retreat needs a deception, camouflage and concealment plan....they are usually inexpensive measures for increasing the odds in favour of the defender.
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    Being capable of putting down those roots was a giant step for mankind.

    Here historically, we had everything from raiding war parties of Native Americans to renegades and scoundrels attacking isolated farms.

    If one has nothing then it is a lot easier to avoid detection than if one has animals and fields. As I feel they would be needed sooner or later, personally I'd build fighting positions.
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