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    a few weeks ago Bear posted a thread on flint and steel see here

    Bear was kind enough to send some of them to me (thanks again Bear) today took them out and gave them a quick try. The first go around today my 9 year old took his kit and gave it a try. Being new to starting fires this way he has some problems with the striker, try to explain to him to change the angle and he just rotated the flint, he needs help [beat] But the ferro rod and flint work very well for him, he was able to get a spark to hold in the char-cloth after a few strikes and was then get flame to the rope nest he made, from there had a nice little fire. Of course I didn't have my camera with me at the time. When he came in I had him work on the flint and striker and he is getting the idea.

    I went out a bit later and went through the same sequence my son did only using the striker and flint as I have no issues getting spark. Keep in mind the following photos are a bit blurry as I was trying to do both, start a fire and photo it at the same time. The whole set up works great, I had the char-cloth smoldering within a few strikes with the striker and had flame in a matter of seconds, I didn't get a large fire going but enough to show it works well.

    Of the 5 kits Bear was nice enough to send 2 are staying with me, one for my oldest boy and one for me, 2 went to one of my co-workers who hikes and camps all the time, he is going out in about 2 weeks on a hiking and camping trip and plans to use nothing but the flint and steel to start all his fires. He will give a full review upon his return. The last one is going to one of my fellow Cub Scout leaders, his son is bridging over to Boy Scouts in a week and when our boys go out camping they have to start fires without matches. All are very thankful to Bear's generosity and will keep you posted on our trials with his set up. Below are the photo I took, the 2nd photo shows my fire steel I carry
    00001. 00002 (copy). 00003. 00004. 00005. 00006. 00007. 00008.
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    Cool Pics....

    Glad it's working for you... Hope you're son gets the hang of it soon...

    Good to get feedback on the steel and kits... looking forward to what your friend has to say....

    I must've gone through at least 5 different kits from other folks over the years and couldn't get a spark... so I gave up... figured I'd try and make my own and heat treat it myself ... I like it now... Something "Primal" about starting a fire with flint and steel... yeah I know... a lighter is easier... but I get a bigger sense of accomplishment and appreciation for my ancenstors using this method... rather than just "flicking my bic"[lolol]

    Thanks again for posting.... I appreciate that[beer]
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    looks real good.cant wait to see some fires from you and friends.
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