Flooding in Nashville

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, May 6, 2010.

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    This is the greatest natural disaster to hit the United States this century that wasn't hurricane related and, as much as my heart goes out to those folks, many my friends and relatives, I can't help but ask several questions:
    1. Where all all the looters?
    2. Why aren't you on TV complaining about the lack of news coverage and government relief?
    3. Why aren't the police leaving town?
    4. Where is Jesse Jackson?
    5. Why is everyone seeming to work together to clean up the mess and bury their dead instead of parading them on CNN?
    I hate to point to the demographics of that beautiful city, but I'll dare anyone to deny the comparison.
    Please, everyone that has an opinion about this, watch some of the youtube video before sticking your foot in your mouth.
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    1) It wasn't in Nashville, but Millington (north of Membabwie) where 4 looters (3 I believe were brothers) were arrested.

    One of the their victims followed a trail of dropped good right to their door. By the time they were arrested most of the high dollar items were pawned or traded for drugs.

    2) There is plenty of local coverage, and asking where is nObama at?

    3) The police in Franklin are leaving because they are too busy arresting kids for wakeboarding behind an SUV
    Police catch kids wakeboarding in flood waters- Franklin, TN - CNN iReport

    4) Who cares anymore anyway?

    5) Maybe it's a Bible belt thing, we're more apt to help our neighbor. I don't really know, but we do have our fair share of idiot going on the local stations

    Yes, I have seen many of the youtube vid's posted. I was shocked to see one on drudge, I'm sure that professional photographer is liking the extra publicity. But he did have some excellent footage, nicely done.

    Yes the flooding is bad, but we will recover, move on with our lives just as we always do.

    I was extremely grateful that my area didn't flood. I was flooded out about 9 years ago, water was about 1" from entering the house, and it did enter the garage. Yes, I have flood insurance, I live in a flood zone mortgage requires it. No matter where my next home will be I will have flood insurance.
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    If you ain't black -you gots no Reverend and no cause to declare, hence no mo' political leverage equals no mo' money fo yo drug dealz.
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