Floods in Dallas

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    Musta been crazy.

    I hope all are well in the DFW Region. I am there and I gotta say I shouda stayed home.

    But we are high and dry so all is well, just came for a weekender and look what I brought with me. rain and floods.

    Y'all take care and any DFW Monkeys need to find a high tree.

  2. Ganado

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    Hk. Hope your fingers and toes don't get too wrinkly from water saturation
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  3. Ganado

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    uploadfromtaptalk1432960971111. Texas mosquitos after all this rain.
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    Left Dallas today in the sunshine, no major problems for us while we were there. Of course part of our safe travel is that we all know the area we were travling and all knew enough to buy homes high and dry. This trip had been planned for months and we all kept an eye on the Texas weather during this time of 500 year floods as we were leaving our homes, some from States away. No one travled during the storms and we adjusted the venues we attended as the weather changed.

    A comparison of BOB meant that some will be making adjustments in the near future and an exchange of some equipment was seen.

    Bottom line is, travel if you see the need, just do so in an informed manner.

    Good trip for all, new borns and others got to meet for the first time.
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  5. Gator 45/70

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    Stop with the weather!
    I helped pull a baby out of a wreck on the 15th, Nothing nice about that one!
  6. HK_User

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    How about informing us about how this event you were involved in could have been better or not happened at all?
  7. Gator 45/70

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    Tight spot my friend.
    Look up Fatal I-49 crash kills husband and wife on 5-15-2015 Bunkie La. Baby survives.
    Texting Kill's. Driving at 82 mph on the rain slick road kill's
    Wife (RN) and I saw the flash of brake lights and then a cloud of steam ( Radiator)
    Young man was cut in half or close to it.
    I stopped and retrieved a tire tool and started prying open the passenger doors when another tow truck driver stops and ask what I needed, Pry bars I tell him.
    He retrieves 2 from his truck.
    We go to work on the front door, The baby starts crying
    We move to the back door, He pops the door latch.
    I yell at the look-e-loou's to get the baby out while I open the door and hold it.
    An old man steps up and pulls the baby from the car seat, The tow truck guy cuts the seal belts and pulls the seat out.
    I order the look-e loou's to get a bottle of water to cool the baby off.
    The tow truck guy and I start on the front door, After about a minute we pop that door latch.
    By then an Acadian Ambulance personal are there, I tell them the door is open.
    We leave, The woman was gasping and in cardiac arrest, She didn't make it.
    Its been Hellashish weather for the last month.
    Lesson learned, Take charge and order people what you need and what they should do.
    When you see people getting neck braces put on..Haul a$$, I don't need their problems.


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    Well done, sir.[winkthumb]
  9. HK_User

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    Lesson learned, Take charge and order people what you need and what they should do."
    "Texting Kill's. Driving at 82 mph on the rain slick road kill's"

    We too had all the rain you saw, only a few days early start for us, and am happy to say that we have bright sun today and you should be seeing that too, and sooner or later I'll ride the new Bike.

    No doubt, 27% of all vehicular deaths are now caused by texting.

    Things I did not post is the fact that we divied up the most dependent members of the family and kept them home and secure/off the roads while the adults proceeded to sports and other events in the area. We had already put off some events for a day due to the month of rains but it looked like that day would be rain free and it was.

    The take charge was "what they should do" was done smoothly and most had not a clue of the "in command" event.

    Gald you could help and I well understand for my worst Call Out was for a similiar event.

    Take Care
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  10. ghrit

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    I have found that taking charge is best done after others have a chance to do so and don't stand up. That they don't is a sure indication that they haven't a clue what to do, but also I find them most willing to jump if given direction. I had to tell a guy to call 911 on one occasion, was frozen in place by the situation. He did, and others responded similarly when directed to do this and that. (Had an MD looking over my shoulder to keep me out of trouble, but took no action on his own. Liability, he said later, I was shielded by Good Sam laws.)
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  11. BTPost

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    Ghrit is very "Right On" here.... Many folks just Can't, or are not mentally ABLE, to take command of an Emergency Situation. They are, what we call "Sheeple" .... They stay in the herd, stand around, and watch, but will not move, or take any Action, until the Shepard, (Authority Figure) tells them what to do, explicitly.... Most First Responders will immediately take command, and issue orders, as they have been TRAINED to do... and then will give way to more Qualified, or Senior Responders, IF or When, they arrive OnScene.... AlaskaChick has happened on many such Situations, over the Years, and She does this REAL Well, and I just usually Direct Traffic, until the LEOs arrive OnScene.... Our Son, is a Senior ParaMedic in Salt Lake County, and tells many stories of First Responders that do so much Good, for Victims, in such situations and then give Good Reports to Him when he finally arrives On-Scene... Usually better Reports than the LEOs give if they get there first.
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    Forgot to add that the white truck was a GMC full size 4 door, He buried it all the way to the back cab on his side.
    The red mustang was a spin-out and hit the grass to avoid the wreck.
    This was driven by a young girl 20 or so whom was crying and shaking, I ask her if she was ok, She got on the phone with her mom?
    The Chrysler not pictured had 4 New Orleans people in it, The lighting strike fried the electronics in it and bent the antenna. Talk about a natural EMP strike!
  13. ditch witch

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    I remember when I was a kid growing up in North Dallas, the Trinity would flood every so often. One year it was pretty bad and entire houses were under water in places. I seem to remember reports of some would be looters who donned scuba gear and went underwater in search of buried treasure in the houses, not realizing that visibility would be less than an inch ahead. And that some of them got lost in those houses only to be found as corpses later after the waters subsided. That may be urban legend, I dunno, but it would not surprise me in the least.
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    Dw, I believe those stories made the news in the 1949 floods. My folks had pictures of it taken from a boat running up 7th street in Ft. Worth.
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  15. ditch witch

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    I do remember seeing video on the TV of the floods along the Trinity where only the tops of roofs were visible. The rest is just wisps of memory fog.
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