Florida Customer Ends Robbery

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Silversnake, Aug 28, 2012.

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    SUMMARY: A 57 y/o licensed concealed pistol carrier was patronizing a dollar store in Jacksonville, Florida during the middle of the night. Two men enter and initiate a robbery. The 57 y/o shoots and kills one of the robbers. The other robber (described as a six foot tall black man with a blue bandana) got away.

    And he didn't even hit any bystanders (rolls eyes to the NYPD)
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  2. tacmotusn

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    The comments on this are very telling. No doubt Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton's staffers will be sniffing at this for racial overtones and passing their findings to their masters. I suspect we are far from hearing the end of this one also.
    Poor fellow, he was just showing his gun to the cashier because he was trying to trade it for loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and some pampers for his family. ... [loco]
    Would somebody please find my attendants and tell them, I am tired and woozy from my medication, lost and need help to find my way back to my rubber room. Thank you.
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    Very telling about how practice makes you better. I bet he puts in time at the range. Not like the cops who wounded bystanders. I guess the cops are there for a paycheck so when it's quitting time they hit the bar or home and sit around till next shift. They have access to ranges and should use them frequently so they can hit only what they aim at. This gentleman evidentally does. Check out the comment about the adrenalin of shooters on that page. How goofball can you be? Someone said that if you were in the situation those cops were in, adrenalin makes you messy. So I guess the elderly man didn't have adrenalin running through him. Just an everyday occurrence so he doesn't get phased. Stupid comments are made by stupid people. Gotta love society... Not.
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    Grandpa was in a highly focused mode, and like as not would not have heard anything once he decided to act. Adrenaline is funky stuff; what it obviously didn't do to G-pa was set his aim to shaking. Good on him. Those two cops were in tunnel vision mode, had the shakes or worse, and muscle memory failed them. Not so good on them.

    Gotta wonder how many shots were taken to halt the threat.
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    This made something occur to me. I would really like to know what meds, if any, the shooter was on. Given his age, he could have been on a beta blocker (for high blood pressure) which mitigates the effects of adrenaline and could have steadied his nerves a bit. Just a thought, not like it really matters.
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    Some of the comment's are indeed ''epic''
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    Good shooting grand pa!
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    Interesting take on this. Being on prescription meds myself, it makes me think..... my BP med has eliminated the occasional heart 'buzzing' I used to have, and the hightened tension. Might steady my aim - I do seem a bit steadier on the rifle range. On the other hand, the Warfarin blood thinner means I could bleed a lot more from a wound myself.....
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