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    This was brought to my attention just yesterday 23 Feb 2010. Please read and take action to support these 3 Florida Legislative Bills if they appeal to you as they do to me. Thank you!

    Read e-mail below & Please do this right away. Send to your friends to do the same and sign on as citizen sponsors. The link to find your Florida Senator & House of Representative is: http://www.flsenate.gov/Legislators/index.cfm?Mode=Find%20Your%20Legislators&Submenu=3&Tab=Legislators&CFID=188285455&CFTOKEN=11046559

    Tell them you would like an answer this week as these bills will be presented in the legislature next week. Keep note on what they say & let us know.
    Take action!

    Subject: Urgent: Florida's Fight for State Sovereignty

    Dear Patriots, Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Call to action this week. Florida can have its State Sovereignty. If we wait for next week, it will be too late.

    Dade meeting for DC Works For Us will be scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 24th at Original House Of Pancakes in Aventura

    To the Florida Patriots or Friends and Relatives of Florida Citizens (spread the word):

    Yesterday, we had a great conversation with State Representative Matt Hudson of Florida. He has been one of many leading the charge with the three bills being presented in the State Legislature in this next week:

    HM19 - 10th Amendment, State Sovereignty
    HB21 - Firearms Freedom Act
    HJR37-Health Care Freedom Act

    Rep. Matt Hudson asked for two specific calls to action in order to get these bills through the House and Senate:


    1) Go to www.flfreedom.org and become a citizen co-sponsor of each bill, easy to do but vital. There needs to be 5-10,000 citizen sponsors to show the constituents desire for these bills.

    2) Look at the list of the Legislative Co-Sponsors of the bills, look for your Representative. If your Representative is not on the list, call them and urge them to sponsor the bill. If they decline, they are in opposition to the Constitution, plain and simple. Make that known to them.

    Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! This has to go viral and it has to be done this week. We, the citizens, have been wanting this. Now put our feet to our passion.

    Your fellow patriot,

    Karin Hoffman and the tireless team of DC Works For Us
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