Flu Flu, Avian Flu, and Scientifically Based Supplements

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by floridian, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Tamiflu and other antivirals may or may not help, and if this thing goes global, chances are that you and I wouldn't be able to get it, anyway.

    I've been researching the bird flu thing for a while, pulling abstracts from Pubmed and digesting them. My top picks for personal protection at this time include vitamin E, green tea extract, curcumin, NAC and skullcap. I'm wary of elderberry extract as it may increase the immune response and it seems that the immune response is what kills people - H5N1 raises a severe response and the immune system destroys the body. I've been putting my notes online as I go:

    Med-Owl Herbal Antivirals
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    Thanks. I just finished Barry's book on 1918. Pretty tough read in the beginning. It did seem that the young and strongest were hit hardest as their better immune systems went all out to fight it. Lung autopsies were literally clogged with the battle debris.

    Good site btw!

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    Check out Elderberry as well.... Sambucol specifically...
    Here's a great site... check out the preps section... lots of good info....
    Be careful about what you read on Tamiflu.... remember when we were kids and we told our sibling how terrible the ice cream was?.... every nation is stocking up on it.... and then you hear about how its ineffective.... hmmmmm.... double the dose....

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    Interesting Bear. Looks like he is saying to stay away from Elderberry.
    Remember what age group was hardest hit in 1918 and why?
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    OK, this is NOT a suggestion but just a question. From what I understand the flu and especialy the H5N1 kills by the imune system fighting it and causeing Phneumonia (sp?) as the imune system dose this to try to expell it. So my question is, if the imune system dosnt fight it then what dose the flu do? If it would just run its coarse then subside would imune suppressing drugs be more helpful then imune boosting drugs? Was just wondering if someone with more medical knowledge in this area then I have could clarify this for me.
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