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    Most of us were brought up with the view that chicken soup can cure you or is what you are supposed to eat when ill. Personally it has never cured me. I found a recipe for "Flu Soup". Said to cure "relieve any type of sinus/cold/flu or congestion etc. "

    Here is the recipe:
    Recipe for “Flu Soup” The author of the recipe even suggested you can add honey, lemon or a shot of whiskey if you choose.

    Just researching the ingredients, I do believe this flu soup would be helpful in healing when you come down with the flu or cold.
    Cinnamon- anti-bacterial, E. Coli fighter and a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium. Plus said to help with headaches.
    Garlic- packed with antioxidants, an anti-bacteria plus many other health benefits- Years ago I saw a film called Garlic is as good as Ten Mothers.
    Ginger-remedy for the nausea, natural treatment for colds/flu plus improves immunity.
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    Needs meat and bone marrow boiled broth.
    What's to stop ya from throwing a 1/2 chicken in that recipe - bones and all?
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    If you add meat wouldn't it increase the chance of spoilage? The person who posted the recipe just put on self sealing lids and didn't do the whole processing. With the adding of meat in your opinion would you have to do the whole canning process?
    Really? You would put the bones in? How long does it take for a chicken bone to breakdown? I always heard chicken bones were dangerous.
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    I didn't mean to leave them in...just to crack'em and boil them to get the marrow.
    That's how my mom and granny made 'flu curing' chicken soup..
    (seemed to work for me and my bros but might have been placebo effect).
    I wouldn't be canning this concoction....but if you were gonna and added meat - ya pressure cooker not just quick seal.
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