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    Flux capacitor...

    Just bragging(name dropping) a bit. I used to work for an industrial machinery builder caled PDM technology created/run by Dave baker...Dave's making his mark now; his company now called "PDM Solar"; has developed a "solar concentrator" for commercial property in the sunbelt ( az) that uses the sun to create air conditioning, and electricity .He's just filed four new patents for a residential size version.So its in the local paper. Pretty ingenious:

    [​IMG]We are developing patent pending technology to generate electricity or provide air conditioning from solar energy. Our technology includes a proprietary concentrator, which is essentially a steam engine connected to a compressor through a liquid piston. The concentrator uses the energy stored in hot water (about 200 F) to drive the steam engine. The compressor provides super heated steam to run a steam turbine which will be connected to a generator.
    Because the system is designed to use low temperature heat, we will be able to utilize low temperature, low cost flat panel solar collectors manufactured from extruded plastic. Our technology will also provide low cost, low temperature thermal storage simply by storing hot water. The low cost thermal storage will allow our systems to be dispatchable, providing electricity on demand during peak or super peak periods, as long as there is hot water in the thermal storage reservoir.
    Once the stored heat is removed from the thermal storage by the concentrator, the water is re-circulated through the solar collectors to reheat the water.

    http://www.pdmsolar.com/advantages.html [applaud][applaud]

    "free" airconditioning and electricity in AZ!
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    I already have one.

    No, just kidding. That's awesome!
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