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    I have been dealing with my Dad's failing health and decided after two long days I was going to steal away some time fly fishing.
    Although I didn't catch anything huge I did catch a quite a few rainbows.
    My poor old dog 13 years got tired and i carried him across the river each time I crossed because his hips are bad and the slick rock pains him.
    I ran into a small rattle snake by the time i got my camera out he had ducked into the hole of a rail road spike,
    DSC00095. DSC00096. DSC00097. DSC00098. DSC00099. DSC00100. DSC00101. DSC00103. DSC00105. DSC00106.
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    Tired Dog and the drive home
    DSC00104. DSC00094.
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    Great photos as always Quig. There's nothing like a little fly fishing to help you sort out life's slings and arrows. Hope the trip helped.
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    that dog looked like he wanted to be nowhere else.
  5. CRC

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    That's one of the most beautiful Heeler's I've ever seen....Love that breed!

    Smart as can be, and sooooo loving.....
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