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    Greetings from my Fortress of Torpor in the fastnesses of Colorado... Wandered in here while looking at references for several stainless knife steels. Noticed that Andy the Aussie was a founding member and several others from other fora I visit are here also. That and the fact that knifies, slicies, and pointy-poker thingies have interested me since about Day One.
    Simply put, I am a YewEssAy Coloradan cauc male, retired from the security field (most recently), live in a town in the central/southern part of the State most noteable for it's massive human misery/human warehousing industry. The local climate and countryside are both beautiful!
    Knife collecting seems to come naturally- have a modest collection of various straight-blades, many of them hanging on the wall of our living room. I go for large knives like bowies and kook-er-ez and have a few old interesting examples. My EDC is a Gerber folder with stag grips and thin flat-ground 4" blade with brass bolsters, which Ive had over 20 years. Right proud of that knife, too. A sometime carry would be a 4"-5" carbon five Cold Steel Master Hunter, which I have found useful for most tasks requiring the attention of my knife.
    Hoping to learn and maybe share blade info and stuff!
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    Welcome to the tree.
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    [welcomeLG]to the forum!!
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    Welcome to the Monkey!! I'd like to see that collection of pointy, slicing, sharps you have... :D
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  6. ghrit

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    Welcome aboard. We have a few blade wavers around, and some that make them as well.
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  7. DarkLight

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    Welcome and be welcome...and you won't be the FNG for too terribly long most likely. ;)
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
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    Welcome to the limbs, please do not cut the limb you are sitting on.
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    Welcome to our little place on the web.... grab a branch and enjoy the ride....
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    Welcome, @STGThndr.

    Living life here on the plains of CO. Knives brought me to this site as well....great buncha folks here.

    Pick a branch and make yourself at home.
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    Happy to have you. Blades are always an interesting subject.
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    Thank you all for the rousing welcome :) Makes a guy feel at home! I should mention making a few knives, larger and smaller, using mostly the grind/cutting method. Altho I worked some years as an ironworker and welder, my forging skills arent that great. The "take-away" method works if one has decent steel and understands hardening and tempering. My first was made from a file, ground down and polished, set in caribou antler (my wife was a "native American" and allowed to have such restricted things). I then inlaid hand-dug Cripple Creek turquoise into the grip and made a simple sheath. That was my EDC for some years until it was mislaid, lost or filched along the way. Note on caribou antler (grown by both male and females of the species) it takes the cake for being the HARDEST antler Ive ever polished... harder even than sambar stag.
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