Food PH Chart for Canning

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    I was looking for the ph of citric acid to use in the place of 5% vinegar solution for refrigerated chili paste and I found this ph chart of all food.

    Foods that are at OR below a pH of 4.6 is the magic number for Hot Water Bath

    fresh pack refrigerator pickles on the chart are at 5.10 to 5.40.

    Peppers are from about 4.65 to 5.45.

    Here is the link.
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    I use litmus to test anything I water bath. Just in case you forgot I'm a lunatic...
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    I just can like my mother and grandmother taught me -never used a chart for anything
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  4. Ganado

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    Good for you and I do the same with the things they canned but when trying new things I still try for food safety. That means looking at the tolerance prior to canning. In this case I was looking at a chili paste. I have to do something g with the last of the winter tomatoes as I have sufficient whole tomatoes canned
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