Food Poisoning Deaths On the Rise In China

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    Food Poisoning Deaths On the Rise In China

    Food poisoning deaths rose by almost a third in China last year. A total of 258 people died from food poisoning last year, up almost 32 percent from 2006.

    There were 11 cases in which more than 100 people fell ill from food poisoning. More than 13,000 people total fell sick because of something they ate.

    China has faced series of scandals at home and abroad involving substandard toys, fake medicines and tainted food.


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    Thought that it may be of interest, or maybe even inspiring for some of you to "do-more-for-yourself" as this is becoming more and more of an issue everywhere. Food quality has gone down (w/mass production) & sickness/death/modern diseases amongst the masses have become much more common...

    So BEWARE next time you put "modern processed foods" in your mouth.

    Have an AWESOME weekend y'all!!!

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