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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by hot diggity, Feb 23, 2019.

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    As long as the bacteria haven't moved out of the stomach into the intestines and started to multiply there. Once past the stomach, I doubt it will help.

    But puking it out and killing what's in the stomach with alcohol will work if you catch it quick. But if a couple of hours after the fact .. get ready for the porcelain ride.
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    I was assuming you catch it early.
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    Charcoal, Activated (Oral Route) Proper Use - Mayo Clinic

    In the ER when we would (rarely) administer a Activated Charcoal slurry, it followed a few min later by a fairly active cathartic agent, normally Magnesium citrate. - to the point the patient was placed on the toilet prior to administering the MC. The type we used was very fast acting - but flushed the entire system quickly.

    AAP Releases Policy Statement on Poison Treatment in the Home (this from 2004)
    The rules on poison control have changed-
    Nov. 6, 2003 (New Orleans) — The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued guidelines at its annual meeting here earlier this week calling on its membership to urge parents to stop using syrup of ipecac for poison control. This makes the "advice" from the above web sites either outdated or suspect...

    Much of what is seen on the web pre-dates 2003.

    More here:
    Oral poisoning: an update (UK reference)
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    Food poisoning isn't the only reason a person might suffer from a horrible case of diarrhea .

    In older and very young folks, upsetting the gut 'ecology' by ingestion of strong teas, or antibiotic use, for example, can lead to a long lasting bout of diarrhea.

    I've often suggested lots of water, followed by taking Lactobacillus Acidophilus (Bacid, or other OTC (Lactobacillus: Side Effects, Dosages, Treatment, Interactions, Warnings)) taken with milk.

    Not an instant 'cure' but makes a difference. Bacid (the generic product) has the Lactobacillus and may also contain other ingredients - read the label.

    If you have an existing condition, check with your professional health care provider before taking this or any other OTC product. .

    This is the same culture found in most brands of yogurt, but can be stored fro long periods - something not possible with yogurt.
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    That is very true. After many illnesses it is important to take some acidophilus. We have a supply of acidophilus that does not require refrigeration. It works great.
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    Dad taught me about cider vinegar back in the late 1960s, not only for food poisoning but for colds and flu as well , but I learned to use it as winter approached, to help thin my blood I suspect.
    Due to the fact I did this ,my metabolism was higher than most, and I could tolerate the cold much better than most . Often while it was snowing (Dry lite falling snow) I was shoveling/sweeping the drive way wearing only boots , Levis, and T shirt, while every one else is shivering wearing clothes you'd see in northern Alaska mid winter.
    I understand that vinegar is a dietary supplement towards loosing weight ,and while that may be so I am cautious about abuse . One can drown drinking too much water. but a shot of vinegar a day can't hurt you. normally .
    There is vinegar in certain foods such as catsup, and with out this key ingredient the tomato would go poison very quickly, but as you can observe on your own, In some restaurants they leave it in a small bowel at the table all day long or longer. And the bottles of catsup are not refrigerated ever .
    It is reasonable to assume that if one is to develop a taste for vinegar in their foods chance are they could stem off any possibility of botulism . I have several gallons of vinegar in my stores along with honey as well ,another powerful antibiotic .
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    I found some organic, gluten free "sipping" vinegar last night that had ginger and honey already added. It's yummy... to me. Lots of dishes in the Carolina's are heavy on vinegar, so it's a taste I like. Jury is still out on any benefits, but it makes me happy to have a shot with breakfast.
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    I drank a root beer float that had been in my truck for three days best root beer curds and weigh I ever had.
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    Pizza in the truck for a few days not so good.
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    Protip from VT Jr.
    Avoid gas station sushi.
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