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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by CATO, Aug 23, 2011.

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    We started using Mason bees this year in our orchard. I was a little early in getting the little buggers out, so this year will tell the tale.....I hope.
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    New report on the Lose of Bee Hives...

    There is a new Report out on the probable cause of the Bee Losses in the USA.
    I hear it on NPR, this morning. A Phd Candidate did his doctoral Thesis on finding the cause. He is now Published, and granted his degree. the cause seems to be a specific Fly Parasite that invades a hive and lays their eggs on the Worker Bees. As the eggs hatch, it seems to cause a disorientation of the Bees and they fly out of the hive in the dark. As they lose direction, and seem to act "Drunk" as the larvae mature, and finally they can't fly anymore, and die. This then kills the Hive, for lack of workers... More research is needed to figure out how to stop the fly infestation, without killing off the Bess. I will look to see if I can find the original Paper online, and if I do I will Publish the URL....

    Say'en... YMMV....
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    Most don't have a clue how important the bee is in feeding us .
    I am allergic to bee stings and will risk it just to have my neighbor keep his bees ,but for last couple of years he's lost so many I don't how much longer we expect have them !!

    Rebel thanks for the link !!
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    We just got bee's this year. Got the used box and put it in the shop to sand and paint. Went out on a warm day and quickly got it out of the shop to get the bee's to leave, next day had a hive. Have been lucky in that I caught the yellow jacket attack on the hive got the opening blocked and helped kill the invaders. My friends lost over 75 present of his hives to yellow jackets.
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    I stayed up way too late last night reading up on beekeeping, watching some videos, the kinds of things I used to do before I got chickens...
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