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  1. ezbite

    ezbite 5miles from mosquito lake

    im sure its been posted here before but i can seem to find it. im going to be storing dry food such as beans, rice, etc in 5 gallon buckets, i want to use a food grade bag inside of my buckets, where can i get that bag. i also saw someone added nitrogen because its heaver than air. wouldnt the bags be better because of the double layer of protection?? im new to the long term storage and i am storing the dried food in new home depot 5 gallon buckets with the snap on lids. any ideas where i can find these bags, do you think there a good idea?
  2. beast

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    beans, rice, corn, wheat dont need the bags
    as long as they are kept cool and dry they keep long long times
  3. ezbite

    ezbite 5miles from mosquito lake

    so storage in home depot orange 5 gal buckets will work? ive read i should use some kind of food grade plastic bag too. i always thought if kept cool and dry it'll be ok. guess ill just seal em up and see.
  4. BTPost

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    You should pump Nitrogen in first to remove the O2, BEFORE you seal the bags up for Long Term Storage. It is cheap, and heavier than Air so it will displace the Oxygen easily. Oxygen is a Food Spoolier.....
  5. dewber

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    I know a guy who does the same with CO2 based on the same principle. He also stores his with a pan of dessicant near it to keep the humidity down.
  6. kckndrgn

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    The last time I bought bucket from Lowes, i checked on online and found that they were food grade, so no bag needed. That being said, i still store everything withing a mylar bag inside the 5 gal buckets, just another layer of protection, IMO. I don't use nitrogen or CO2, just some O2 absorbers. 1 outside the bag, and a couple inside a sealed mylar bag. I compress the bag down to expel most of the air then seal it. The O2 absorbers create a small vacuum when they absorb the O2.
    This has worked well over the years

    I don't know about the HD buckets. Get the mfg info and look online, it should tell you if they are food grade or not.
  7. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    several grains breath methane as they set
    this is a nitrogen compound, it causes spoilage
    so be sure of what youre sealing in
    somethings need ventilation, lots of it
  8. IndieMama

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    I do the same as KC above.
  9. -06

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    Am fortunate in having Argon for the gas to purge the O2 out. It is much heavier than the air and will sit "forever". Still use two food grade clear bags, pump in the Argon(have a seperate gauge and a six foot 1/4" hose), and seal both individually. That gets rid of any moisture, bugs, fungus, mold, and anything else that requires O2 to live. We will have another demo at the gathering if you are local to NC/SC in Oct.
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