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    The Deyo Food Storage Planner works in Excel (Although I recommend the free and open source LibreOffice for Win, Mac or Linux) ;) and is a straightforward, easy-to-use spreadsheet. All you need to do is fill in the number of family members and how many weeks you want to store; the worksheet will calculate the quantities needed.

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    Thanks for the spreadsheet, I like it. One suggestion. Instead of everything on one "sheet" break it up into multiple sheets, with the first one have the user input the number of people and the comments. This will make printing it easier and allow for quicker "views" (just taking a quick look to see what you have/need).

  3. Gern

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    Thanks for this useful little item
  4. melbo

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    If I had built it, it would have been 'smarter'. I had always planned on having time to tweak it - maybe a thread bump from 4 years ago will prod me into doing it.

    Wow, 585 downloads...
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    If you don't mind, I might play with it a bit and make the revision available to the group. In addition to splitting content across sheets, I'm thinking some nutritional information may need to be captured to ensure sufficient caloric intake including sufficient amounts of proteins and fats. A pivot-table to look at the results might also be interesting.

    Sorry, this is the engineer in me speaking! To be honest, I was just about to start a spreadsheet of my own. Using this as a springboard should help reach the goal more promptly. Any objections with me building off of this version? Does anybody else have some suggestions for the spreadsheet that you would like for me to consider?
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  6. melbo

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    Go for it. I had originally found it on another site so it is not my creation. I'll try to send our updated version back to DEPO or whoever first made it.
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    Thank you for posting this
  8. alanz

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    This is really cool. Makes me really wish a had a large cellar specifically for food storage. Something to work toward. When I get it, I may use this spreadsheet.
  9. unswydd

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    This is great! I just label my buckets and it's done. I've never done a spreadsheet on my prepps. Thanks!​
  10. Kels

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    This forum really makes it easy to find useful information! thanks guys!
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  11. BrotherBobL

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    Thank you for such information, even though I know this it slips the mind as we move through live and havn't done it in a while, thanks. BBL
  12. Drumbo

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    Adding my thanks Melbo. This is much better than the manifest I've been keeping.
  13. KathyR2012

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    Just what I was looking for

    This is the answer I've been searching for going on a year now. It will really help. Now if I can determine just how many I will need to feed. My family thinks I'm nuts but when TSHTF I'm sure I'll be the first they run too.
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  14. lil dragon

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    This is something I've been threatening to do. Thanks!
  15. Drumbo

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    It took me an entire month, working in fits and starts, but I've finally got a rather impressive completed (ongoing) inventory.
    I added categories for MREs, dehydrated & bulk foods, ammo and various survival gear and added and deleted items along the way, adjusted formulas and in all it was a mammoth project, but with the spreadsheet as a starting point, it saved me untold hours and motivated me to do something I'd been putting off far too long. It also helped me locate and rotate expired (or soon to) items. I'm impressed with my bottom line as I had far more stockpiled than I realized and the feeling of accomplishment, as well as the security of having a 12-page print out on hand is a comfort.
    It may not be perfect, but its certainly better than the guessing game I was playing with my hand written lists and estimates. It got me organized and with that comes enormous piece of mind. Thanks again for posting this Melbo!
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  16. melbo

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    Sounds great! Would you save a cleared copy and post it so we can take a look at the changes? I've been meaning to work on the xls for a few years now but never got around to it.
  17. Will-IB-Ready

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    I am so glad someone bumped this thing up. I would have never found it.
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  18. Krystyna

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    Thanks so much for this spreadsheet. I will probably adjust it a bit for my own needs, but it's just what I was looking for.
  19. cowboy255

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    Awesome. What a wealth of information here. Thanks for making that available.
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  20. Kingfish

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    My wife made our own using excel. Simple and easy to read. We have one set of sheets with items needed and one set with the items in stock(in the pantry). Also many sheets of notes on items to look at or research. Being organized is good. Kingfish
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