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    This is a true story my parents told me few days ago, that was in the news papers when Yugoslavia was still alive. I have no proof to offer, no records, I can just tell you what they red in the Yugoslav papers many years ago...
    We had this type of cookies called "Plazma". They first time went to production in 1967, and stayed exactly the same till today! (only the packaging changed, but not the cookies). From all the stories I heard, sometimes I thought all the kids in former Yugoslavia grew up on this cookie...I know I did...Ate a lot of it... [drooling]
    There was this case of a child that was practically allergic to everything, except water and...Plazma! Apparently that kid was living on Plazma, and Plazma alone for 11 years...
    I don't know if the news followed up on the story, but that's what they reported then....
    I'll try to find the story, or some other cases like that, and update here..
    If I find the stories, I'm stocking up on Plazma... :D
    Actually, even if I don't find them, I'm still stocking on Plazma.... :D

    If anyone is interested to see them, this is the link... ::: Welcome to official web site of " Plazma keks " ::::
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    From the looks of them, they sort of remind me of digestive biscuits; especially the Plazma-orange-chocolate ones. I wonder if we can get a few to try here in the States? Probably a longshot now that wheat is no longer being exported.
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    HUH...Since in US you can find almost anything, maybe you could find them in some shops...I'll try to find out if they export somewhere, but I believe that all of the production is immediately sold out in the Balkan countries...If I find something out, I'll let you know. Wheat is not a problem in Serbia, they have their own production that fed entire Yugoslavia production is not a problem...
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    Strange...We get "Bambi" brand cookies and such here, even in the local circle K stores...I thought it all came from Mexico, Now I am curious and will have to go check them out!
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    Well, if you find the real thing, that's what generations of Yugoslav kids grew up on...even me...and I still love it today...and my kids eat it at least once a week...
    Bon apetit!... With milk or tea, or even coffee...or for cake....mmmmmm....njam!
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    Well, bad news...
    The local convenience stores do carry "Bimbo" brand...BUT, it's from Mexico!
    Go figure!
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    LOL...figures...Bimbo <> trick?
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    You know, I suspected as much. Somehow this just makes Greek sense. Tragic.


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