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    A thinly veiled threat.
    "No more free Waco's:[beat][beat]
    also posted on infowars

    Explication - noun; the act of making clear or removing obscurity from the meaning of a word, symbol or expression. -- Webster's Dictionary.

    5 May 2009

    Dear Eric,

    I believe I'm entitled to use your first name, since you have expressed an interest in circumscribing my liberty and seizing my personal property, to wit, three heretofore legal semi-automatic rifles of military utility (mistakenly dubbed "assault rifles"). Anyone who wants to do something so personal and intimate as to commit premeditated theft upon you need not be given any honorifics, don't you agree? I mean, if a street thug announces that he wishes to rob you, there is no need to address him as "Sir" this or "Mister" that. Why should rapacious government thieves who announce their intentions so boldly be treated any differently? If you are offended by the fact that you are unused to being addressed in this manner, I can only say that you are not as offended as I am at the prospect of your administration trying to steal my property and liberty.

    But, that is not why I write you today. No, I received what I believe to be a credible report this afternoon about someone whom the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives views as a real thorn in their side. The substance of the report has it that you, or someone in your office, has, in reference to this friend of mine, muttered something very much like the following:
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    Outstanding letter of warning to the Attorney General.
    It eases my conscience some to know that this dark road some of us may have to go down in the future, is not one where our enemies can say "we had no idea you were upset with us".seesaw
    keep your powder dry, and your eyes open my friends
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    I just want to see the aliens, then I can protest openly if they are not amenable. :p
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    'El Guapo?
    'El Jefe? Or
    [dunno][alien]now I'm really confused.[beat][dunno]
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