FOPA Hughes Amendment VOTE APRIL 10 1986

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    FOPA Hughes Amendment VOTE APRIL 10 1986 (Proof the 1986 machine gun ban failed to pass.)
    I don't know the finer rules about cross-posting here at the Monkey. I've seen many blogs and forums linked to and quoted so I'm taking a shot. This was posted at Free Republic yesterday as a vanity post from a regular contributor and gun-owner I respect. The video speaks for itself. I've been watching to see if anyone picked this up and haven't seen it - so here it is. If it belongs in politics or tin-foil hat I apologize, I'm sure it can be moved.
    Today, David Codrea of Guns magazine and picked up the story from Free Republic Was Hughes Amendment lawfully passed? - National gun rights |

    For the last 24 years, rumors have persisted and variations based on memory have persisted concerning the passage of the Hughes Amendment (Machine gun ban) to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act.

    Several days ago, an associate of mine secured a copy of the audio/video of the committee hearings run by Charlie Rangel where this law was passed out to Congress. Rumor insisted that there were shenanigans concerning the passage of the Hughes Amendment but we never had the factual data to back it up. Now, we do. Critical excerpts from the video are now posted on youtube at this link...

    Roberts Rules of Conduct were ignored, a roll call vote was ignored, the Congressional Record was selectively "erased" and this has resulted in innocent people being jailed or worse yet, murdered by over zealous Federal Agents because of Charlie Rangel and his personal anti-gun agenda.

    Whether you are pro-gun or not, the fact that an elected official would disregard adopted procedures to forward his personal agenda should anger every single person in this nation.

    To put it bluntly, the Hughes Amendment never passed and is a bogus law. It must be striken from the books and restitution made to those who have lost their freedom and their Rights. I have no idea how to compensate those who have lost their lives because of Charlie Rangel. The damage done is so severe that this must be addressed by Congress.
    Please take the time to review the video. Pass it along to your elected officials and explain that even though it's a somewhat controversial subject, the fact that an elected official would do what Charlie Rangel did is no less severe than had he murdered the people killed by law enforcement following what they thought was legitimate law. Please let your elected officials know that this law must be struck from law immediately. I urge BATFE to begin conducting amnesties of the NFRTR on a constant basis until this matter is resolved. I also urge BATFE to cease all enforcement of this law as it did not pass.

    It took over 24 years to get access to this record. Many, many people have suffered because of the immoral and illegal acts of Charlie Rangel.

    I urge Congress to fix this problem and repeal the Hughes Amendment at the very minimum.
    I urge everyone reading this to demand answers from your Senators and Congressmen. The rule of law is meaningless in this nation as long as this travesty remains untouched.
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    You don't even want to know what I am thinking when I watch these treasonous...)!U()*!(&&!!&^%!
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    Rangel is a self-serving and criminal arse. The "Nays" clearly had the majority in this 'vote', but he gave it to the "Yays", and our rights got trampled a little more......
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    This is just the tip of the tyrannical iceberg

    What this nation needs is a bloody revolution and real justice
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    I emailed links to my Rep when this came out. No response.
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