For a mere $600,000, water - out of thin air

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    (Newser) A French inventor may have an answer for the millions of people who scramble to find fresh drinking water each day: a wind turbine that literally pulls H2O from the air. Marc Parent, head of Eoie Water, designed the turbine while living in the Caribbean and enduring water shortages. His solution is called the WMS1000, which gathers moisture from the air and turns it into drinking water, ABC News reports.

    On average, each unit creates over 62 liters per hour when the temperature is 75 Fahrenheit with 45% humidity, according to the company website.

    "Let me highlight this word: CREATE," says Eole Water executive Thibault Janin. "All existing solutions (wells, desalination, lakes/rivers pumping, etc) only treat an existing source of water."

    He adds that the world's water scarcity will affect more than the 150 million possible WMS1000 customers; household water needs are also growing, so Eole Water is seeking other solutions—especially affordable ones. Once testing is complete, each WMS1000 should cost $600,000 and last for 20 years.
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  4. Nice. I like that!
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