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    Wal-Mart announced today that they will soon be offering customers a new
    discount item, Wal-Mart's own brand of wine. The world's largest retailer is teaming up with Gallo of California to produce the spirits at
    an affordable price, in the $2- $5 range. Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to throw a bottle of Wal-Mart brand into their shopping carts, but "there is a market for cheap wine", said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing. "But the right name is important", she said.
    Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most attractive name for the Wal-Mart brand. The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:

    10. Chateau Traileur Parque
    9. White Trashfindel
    8. Big Red Gulp
    7. World Championship Riesling
    6. NASCARbernet
    5. Chef Boyardeaux
    4. Peanut Noir
    3. I Can't Believe It's Not Vinegar!
    2. Grape Expectations

    And the number one name for Wal-Mart Wine:

    1 Nasti Spumante

    The beauty of Wal-Mart wine is that it can be served with either
    white meat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).
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    COOOLLL!!!! The perfect wine! Finaly! lol
  3. ghostrider

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    Monkeyman, good weekend?
  4. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member it done. I got there with my 2 saws and one wouldnt start then the pull rope on the other broke and I didnt have the tool to fix it so had to get an advance on the job and go to town to buy a 56 piece tool kit to get the one bit I needed and another chain saw so I could do the job and fix the other saw. So on Fri I wasnt a real happy camper but after that it went fairly well and got it all done. Also was kind of nice that could just go jump in the lake as we finished for the day or as we wanted to in order to cool down. The draw back to that is that now I think I got swimmers ear or something as have had an ear ache since I got home. All in all though it was a good deal though, caught up some bills and got a few hundred rounds of ammo and a new multi tool out of the deal, so not bad for a weekend. Glad to be back though.
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