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  1. azurevirus

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    1982 cj5 , 304, cam kit and 600 cfm Holley, new parts include..Holley carb, steering box and column,batt,starter,8000 winch, off road lights, plug wires &plugs, dist, here were before lights and winch..4' lift with 32's on alum wheels, spare mounted on back, t15 trans headers and header manuals, no rust holes and 411 gears, needs some electrical work (heater and wipers hooked up) but drivable as is..or at least I drive it as is on nice days..asking 6800, consider guns or whatever trade price $5800 firm

    image002. my cj.
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  2. BTPost

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    I see a "Place" for a winch, but No winch, mounted..... and unless your 15 feet tall it would be a 4" lift, not 4'.... .....
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  3. ghrit

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    Well, he said that it was wenchless ah, I mean winchless. (I looked, too.)
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    Mileage??? Looks like a fun vehicle to drive.
  5. kellory

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    I just figured he was lonely....
  6. Gator 45/70

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    304 Nice ! Bet it will get up and scoot.
  7. azurevirus

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    It will move out pretty good I suppose..I drive it around 40-45 mph, great torque as I can roll up hills at 30 mph in high gear .. and as the ad read the winch and Daylighter off road lights were added after these pics were taken and are mounted buy the winch on the tube bumper, those other offroad lights were on it when I bought it ..this was a project a guy started and ran out of money and he set it out in a field by his house until he got the money up to finish it, after 8 months he decided to sell has new seats and carpet that match the color of the top, it has power steering but no power brakes..the previous owner said the motor had been rebuild since he owned it but I have no does read about 40-50 on oil pressure gauge, he redid the dash with 6-7 gauges and speedo...theres other stuff thats been done to it I didnt bother putting in the ad
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