For those who still think Fukushima is harmless! GIGO!

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    Forget all the posted leakage rates and the Graphics of the Big Pond to the west aka Pacific Ocean and the reported spread of the RADS. <The rad is a deprecated unit of absorbed radiation dose, defined as 1 rad = 0.01 Gy = 0.01 J/kg.[1] It was originally defined in CGS units in 1953 as the dose causing 100 ergs of energy to be absorbed by one gram of matter. It has been replaced by the gray in SI but is still used in some countries. A related unit, the roentgen, is used to quantify the number of rad deposited into a target when it is exposed to radiation. The F-factor can be used to convert between rad and roentgens.>
    The material absorbing the radiation can be human tissue or silicon microchips or any other medium (for example, air, water, lead shielding, etc.).

    This only matters for health information (leakage rates and spread rate) if you have correct intel it is clear we are being lied to once again.. Bend over and kiss it good by.


    Tepco took months to release record strontium readings at Fukushima| Reuters

    "Tepco took months to release record strontium readings at Fukushima

    (Reuters) - The operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant knew
    about record high measurements of a dangerous isotope in groundwater at
    the plant for five months before telling the country's nuclear watchdog, a
    regulatory official told Reuters.

    Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) said late on Wednesday it detected 5
    million becquerels per liter of radioactive strontium-90 in a sample from
    a groundwater well about 25 meters from the ocean last September. That
    reading was more than five times the broader all-beta radiation reading
    taken at the same well two months earlier.

    A Tepco spokesman said there was uncertainty about the reliability and
    accuracy of the September strontium reading, so the utility decided to
    re-examine the data.

    Shinji Kinjo, head of a Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) taskforce on
    contaminated water issues at Fukushima, told Reuters he had not heard
    about the record high strontium reading until this month. "We did not hear
    about this figure when they detected it last September," he said. "We have
    been repeatedly pushing Tepco to release strontium data since November. It
    should not take them this long to release this information."

    Strontium-90, which has a half-life of around 29 years, is estimated to be
    twice as harmful to the human body as cesium-137, another isotope that was
    released in large quantities during the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi
    plant in March 2011. The legal limit for releasing strontium into the
    ocean is 30 becquerels per liter.

    Tepco has been heavily criticized for its inept response to the 2011
    disaster at Fukushima, including delays in releasing radiation data. The
    NRA's chairman said on Wednesday that Tepco still lacks a fundamental
    understanding of measuring and handling radiation.

    "This is not an appropriate way to deal with the desire of the public (for
    transparency) and in particular, the regulator, which is now very closely
    regulating issues related to public health, the environment and so on,"
    said Martin Schulz, a senior research fellow at the Fujitsu Research

    Tepco, which was taken over by the government in 2012, came under
    criticism last year after highly radioactive water leaked from a holding
    tank at Fukushima.

    Japan's government vowed to provide half a billion dollars to help contain
    contaminated water at Fukushima last September, just days before Tokyo won
    its bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the
    International Olympic Committee then that contaminated water at Fukushima
    was "under control".

    Abe is scheduled to visit towns around the Fukushima plant later this week.

    (Additional reporting by Kentaro Hamada; Editing by Aaron Sheldrick and
    Ian Geoghegan)
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    Fukushima Is the reason we are trying to sell house and getting the hell out of here. This is not something we could have prepped for. The government lies and refuses to test fish/waters around my area. They also say the next time there is a quake or the plant has issues it will cause the west coast to have to be evacuated. Now emagin the Shite storm that will be. Not to mention the massive economic impact that will have on North America. Just one more thing to add to the list of things about to go really rong. Now we head to the bush.
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