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    Open lines (slow Wednesday) thread:

    Where oh where are we going as a nation?

    Which of any of the"crisis on the horizon will be the deciding factor(next "turning") in our near future( <100 years)?
    Where should we go? How do we keep the incentives of the capitalist system without allowing it (big money) to gain unwarranted influence;
    and"pollute" the government.

    I staunchly believe restoring the constitution is a given, and shouldn't even be in question.
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    We can assault this topic from two avenues: the first, recognizes the symptoms as well as the root cause of the problem while offering a rational solution. The second, attempts to change individual perspective from modern day consumerist-zombie mentality to a more refined, classical mindset before labeling the symptoms and pointing out the root cause of the problem.

    I prefer the second route, as it does not waste precious time "pissing in the wind" so to speak -where words fall on the deaf ears of the enslaved zombie culture known as modern day America. And so, without further adieu, I give you the avenue of choice...

    People need to drop out of the corporate mind-share propaganda matrix by destroying their televisions. Next, they need to go outside and get some exercise -preferably speaking with their neighbors in an interpersonal level; i.e., being devoted to honesty and treating the other person like a human being with real feelings and actual concerns. Next, the subject must no longer affiliate themselves with the two-party political system, as they are only a false paradigm meant to control riding thought and limit true progress while extinguishing liberty. After the subject has attained a firm grasp on what it means to be a human being and NOT a slave to the corporate establishment, they can effectively begin to organize within their local government a strategic outline for restoring liberty in incremental fashion; bringing their neighbors and family with them to public protests and holding their local bureaucrats accountable is one key piece of the equation. The subject should also fight to have the police only perform duties of service, to include criminal investigation pertaining to murder, rape, and other forms of violence, and eliminate the ties with the federal government. On a national (federal) level, the subjects should organize a solid non-violent resistance which seeks to eliminate the Federal Reserve, all unconstitutional debts incurred, the IRS, the FCC, the FBI, the CIA, (that means Homeland Insecurity, too), and every alphabet agency which does NOT have clear authority delegated to it by the constitution. Of course, the troops should come home, and the subject's country should no longer involve itself in foreign interests militarily, and should only seek to offer reasonable humanitarian aide when it is approved by the host country. This also means immediate withdrawal from the UN and other socialist programs, the IMF, World Bank, etc. The top echelon of the IRS, Federal Reserve Board, CIA, FBI, NSA, HS, FCC, FEMA, all members of the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg (if American), and all contributing "foundations" should be rounded up and held for trial on the charges of TREASON -sentence to be swift and severe. The subject should also find it necessary to understand the Common Law, the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Reserve Code, Uniform Commercial Code, and eliminate all of them except Common Law Doctrine. All licensing forced upon citizens is unconstitutional, but it is required to be enforced since the creation of the Socialist Empire in 1933 when the Trading With the Enemy Act was amended by FDR as his first act as president, making the subject an enemy defined by the government, and ruled by the code established soon after. This single act also grants the banks the authority to conduct banking business within the United States...just so the subject knows. Now, if all of this can be done peaceably and without contestation to include swarms of Gestapo in black uniforms storming your neighborhood, then I would say that the battle had been won. The subject should be congratulated. Now the hardest part is at hand; the subject must gain enough support from his divided countrymen to once again establish a LIMITED GOVERNMENT which operated WITHIN the confines (those are boundaries) of the highest law of the land: the United States Constitution. And in case nobody recognizes the ROOT cause of all our is YOU. The individual. The one who remains indifferent.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks Brokor; something very interesting to chew on "om nom nom":

    Well that's a recipe for restoration of the constitution.(That would be "change" I could get behind). What can we expect to see if none of it takes place?
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