Foreshadowing of EMP? What do they know that they aren't telling us?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matteo10572, Apr 8, 2015.

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    I could just be plain - old fashioned PORK for one of the Beltway Bandits.
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    I posted the article on this in the shoutbox. Glad you put it here @Matteo10572. My spidey sense is tingling. My question is why, why would they do this? This president things he can talk his way out of everything. I do not think this is just pork spending. I know Fort Carson which is next to Cheyenne Mt is booming. This took place last year-
    Blue skies ahead: Fort Carson benefits from revived funding, a sign of its stature - Colorado Springs Business Journal | Colorado Springs Business Journal

    From the article the man stated- "My primary concern was... are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there, and I'm not at liberty to discuss who's moving in there," he said. That stuck me as odd.
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    Just one more reason to step up my stockpiling and get off my butt to get some training in and learn some new skills while I still can.
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    All I can say is that Cheyenne mountain complex is a hell of a lot more than a 1/2 acre underground bunker, and that's just the part I got to see back in the 90's.
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    I thought more about this and I do wonder if maybe we were not told the truth. There was a report or reports that lots of .gov stuff has been hardened or something like that but maybe they are not as prepared as they want us to believe. I guess on the upside at least Santa tracker will be safe.
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    If the SHTF, and Santa lands on my roof. I'll apologize in advance. I'll be eating venison.
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    Dovetails into the Russians going back to typewriters over computers.

    Important docs are on hard copy and electronic copies are on multiple backups with basic computers to read stored EMP secure.

    And BTW love my tube ham gear.
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    I have my radios in a microwave. I hope it works
  11. Airtime

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    Maybe a bit more puzzling is why they ever "allegedly" quit using the Mountain in the first place. Moving back in may actually be just reversing/undoing a previous not so wise decision.
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    My grandfather shot Santa already, i have witnesses....:eek:
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    Yup. There are entire cities underground, most of them connected by state-of-the-art railway systems. In fact, the United States isn't the only country with underground cities. It's a world within a world, and the black budget for this enterprise is staggering. Of course, in the most secretive nation on Earth, where virtually everything is a matter of "National Security" and run by a private banking's relatively easy to keep secret. Some folks have trouble understanding how this can all take place, but these underground facilities have been steadily built for many decades. Most do not even know what a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is, let alone understand how funds can be appropriated and concealed. Then, we have the random missing billions from time to time, such as the Pentagon mishap with Rumsfeld and the only computer hard drive with the data for nearly 3 billion missing dollars was ironically destroyed in the 9-11 attack. Ever wonder why some of these disgusting elitists lie vehemently every day? Perhaps it's because they must do so in order to hold on to the reservations in their name at any of these underground facilities for themselves and their families. Do you think the general populace will ever be invited to take refuge at one of these underground cities? Not in this country, sorry.

    Sometimes you seem so innocent, as your comment suggests. My only suggestion is to STOP trusting ANYTHING the .GOV has to say -it's guaranteed to either be a lie, or a means to aggregate more wealth and power unto itself. Of course we aren't being told the truth. The corporate media works FOR the very same people who manage this prison we call a nation. The ONLY source we can depend on is alternative media outlets, who frequently fall into the "loony" category because it doesn't have the FOX logo and corporate backing. The educational system doesn't actually function to educate our children -it is designed to INDOCTRINATE them.

    How can one possibly comprehend the idea that EVERYTHING is a lie, that their entire "reality" is an illusion? They must first accept the fact that they know nothing and seek alternative answers.
  14. Stealth Camper

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    If they are moving equipment and staff back into the Cheyenne Mt. complex, why tell the world? I think the whole thing stinks like disinformation. They probably have a vault in the center where they keep Hitler's brain in a jar next to all the crates full of crap from Indiana Jones movies. I doubt they would just divulge the actual whereabouts of a strategic command base of any real value...
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    I do believe his brain is still located in Antarctica, which is why, to this day, the continent in question is still off limits to all but accepted research teams under the watchful eye of the military. Not only is Hitler's brain a hot commodity, I hear his Vril ancestors still inhabit Antarctica, and that is where they send all the loyal recruits for some R&R, deep underground in the warm saunas with hot Vril girls giving them massages all day.

    *cough* ;)
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    Well at the same time they release the Chy Mtn announcement it was also announced that NSA 20+ years of metadata files were being backed up and stored in the Salt Lake City Facility... sometimes the bits of info add up... the problem is we don't know what they add up too till years later.

    @Brokor Innocence is an underrated quality among intellectual people. Sometimes not knowing allows you to follow mystical impulses (think of Einstein or call it luck, or intuition) but sometimes luck and intuition are better than knowledge.... all tools have a place in the tool box... knowledge is one tool, innocence is another.... now if i could just figure out how to use them both at the right time =)
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    I've been inside Raven Rock... they have a 2 man crew dedicated to torquing down the nuts on the bolts that hold up the tunnels and cavern, I can't tell you more than that...
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  19. DarkLight

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    The announcement of the NSA metadata backup (which is actually a move) to the facility in Utah (which is in Salt Lake County but technically in the city of Draper...I used to live in Utah) should not be news at this point. That facility has been in the works for a decade and actively been built for the last 4-5 years.
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    @Brokor my post was basically a wondering out loud. I have read many posts about EMP's here on the monkey, whether SM falls into the category of MSM or the looney bin, don't know. There has been speculation that some stuff has been hardened. I have read articles that .gov & military have worked on hardening stuff but on the other hand I have read articles that suggest we have not taken any or enough steps to protect ourselves. If .gov is all a bunch of lies why would you post that EMP resource? I read this week that all those reports of an EMP being able to take things out like it is speculated is pure BS. IMO there is a bit of truth in much of the news. I take the info in. rattle it around in my head and spit much of it out.
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