Fort McMurray Fire- Canada

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    A fire has broken out in a Alberta Canada. Depending on what news you read, 60- 80,000 people are under mandatory evacuation. The wind will be picking up and hot weather today will be fueling the fire. I do not care what you think about their politics, Canada is our neighbor and I know they always send air tankers to help fight our forest fires in the US. Imagine 60,000 people evacuating and maybe displaced. That is huge news. Homes, jobs and the crude production are all being effected.

    1,600 structures, 10,000 hectares razed in Fort McMurray's 'catastrophic' wildfire

    Canada wildfire: 1,600 Fort McMurray buildings damaged - BBC News

    I have heard two people say if the fire gets into the oil sands it will burn forever.

    If you can, send thoughts and prayers to our neighbors to the north.
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    last I read was that the oil sands projects are still miles away and out of danger (barring any sustained, major wind shifts)

    I'll keep an ear to the track around here - the oil sands projects are customers of ours - and we sometimes get news from that neck of the woods, so to speak
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    Prayers sent. Nothing like a forest fire to make you feel puny and helpless.
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    Up-date on the fire:
    Flames inching towards Fort McMurray airport; wicked weather causing worries

    Those in MT, ND and other northern border states will be getting smoke.
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    It's really bad...
    Our network in Ft Mac is melted and a friend of the family has likely lost his house and spendy toys.
    Keep them prayers coming plz.
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    Knee-mail outbound for several reasons
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    Fort McMurray residents can only hope for rain to halt massive wildfire

    RMWB on Twitter
    With thousands of people now staying in evacuation centres, or with friends or relatives, the government is working on a plan to find "transitional housing" for families who lost everything when the wildfire swept away entire streets.

    On Thursday, about 4,000 evacuees stranded north of Fort McMurray were flown to Calgary or Edmonton from runways at two oilsands camps, where many have been staying.

    Keep them prayers coming plz.
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