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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Dark Jester, May 20, 2014.

  1. Dark Jester

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    I'm new here, so if I am breaking any rules, Speak up!

    Are there any groups or individuals in the Fort Worth, TX area that would be interested in participating in a hands-on gear review session? A brief explanation and demo of each product is given, then the participants have an opportunity for a hands-on evaluation, then they fill out an anonymous assessment. This is done in an outdoor setting. After the guns and knives are safely put away, we drink wine, beer or whatever...

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I do marketing for a few small outdoor gear and firearms related businesses and have a sideline business where I sell these products. In the past, I would do gun and gear reviews and passed the results on to another company. I have decided to submit these reviews myself for posting to an online blog. Baby steps, but I need to start doing the reviews as they take awhile to complete.

    Parts of the demo will be videoed and with the participants permission, the participant review and interview segments may be included in the online video. It doesn't always happen, but just to let you know it might.

    My next field reviews are a Hennessey Hammock, a Condor kukri machete, two survival knives; Mora and Myerchin, a Vector Arms 9mm Luger Uzi; full size, and a surplus CZ-82 semi-auto pistol; 9x18mm Makarov.
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    As a Newbie to our Site, we usually discourage Self-Promotion Posts, until we get to know you, and you get to know US. If you are interested in being a Vendor, on our Site, you need to Have Words with our site's Senior Admin @melbo ..... We appreciate your "Full Disclosure" Statement, and that goes a long way, to being accepted as a Monkey, in Good Standing, around here. I am going to leave this post up, as an "Introduction Post" and see how the rest of the Monkey Community" feels.... So, Welcome to the Monkey Tree.... Pick out a branch, and have a good look around.... Lots of Good Folks, here'bouts, and TeraBytes of Information, to be had....
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    From one Jester to another, welcome.
  4. Dark Jester

    Dark Jester Quester...

    I felt it may be taken wrong, so that's why I said "I'm new here, so if I am breaking any rules, Speak up!", and you did. Thanx...
    If it would make it easier/more acceptable to take it down at some point, I will understand. No crazy monkey here...
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    DJ, so far you are on solid ground. If you want to do sales, see the "Notice to Vendors" in the BST forum and go from there.
  6. Dark Jester

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    Having people come out to do the demo's rather than drag a bunch of gear out to a site to sell works better for what I want to do. I want the input from potential users rather than just one source (me). Otherwise, it comes across like a paid gun writer. If we have the demos and the others come back and give their opinion here, it comes across as more believable.
  7. BTPost

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    Ghrit has spoken, so you are "good to go" here on the Monkey... Again, Welcome.....
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