Fortify to Survive! $12K Inventory Re-Distribution Offer

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    Feel the future? It's charging over the horizon, and if you haven't yet come to the realization that only you can prepare and fortify your household, then we wish you well. Most of our customers are well on their way to securing their homestead to the best of their abilities. We offer many options and opportunities to assist in that mission.

    A few key representative products that are helping many to fortify and endure what is coming can be found here.

    Inventory Re-Distribution Offer

    Safecastle Royal Buyers Club members are once again in position to rake in some easy bounty as we blow-out our inventory. On a weekly basis going forward, we are posting in this space our current freebie incentives that member purchases can qualify them for. Note that all a club member needs to do is make a purchase that meets the offer threshold and the freebie(s) will automatically be sent (freebies will not appear in your shopping cart).

    At this point, we have identified $12,000 worth of gear and supplies that we are sending out as freebies to our members, so be sure you get your fair share.

    Phase One (revisions/updates made as necessary, based on supplies)

    Every member purchase ...

    - gets a Wallet Survival Tool
    - of at least $120 receives a black 100' Paracord hank
    - of at least $400 ALSO receives a black Mil-Spec backpack
    - of at least $1000 ALSO receives a VitalGrill Survival Stove!

    Remember--this is just the beginning of this crazy inventory reduction program--keep checking back for some really cool freebie preps that are in the queue.
    Most club purchases are member discounted and they always ship free to the lower 48. Of course many of our most popular products are Now On Sale to boot! Oh yes--we can't also forget to mention the ongoing Loyalty Royalty program that adds still another level of savings and rewards!
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    Gen. George Patton said--fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Not that one should not have strong defensible homes/AOs but realize that they quickly become targets for increasingly stronger assaults. Being mobile and having outposts is a stronger option.
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    That would be true for very few, I'm afraid. We're not talking about military forces fighting a war.

    Here are a couple of interesting reads that at least in part address the issue:

    DEATH VALLEY MAGAZINE | URBAN SURVIVAL: 5 Things People Say They Can or Would do in a Survival Situation – and Why They Won’t Based on Recent 3rd World Urban Survival Events

    REFUGE: Plan A: Bug-Out or Dig-In?
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    True. Hardening your "20" is not difficult. A bud has channeled his accesses, cleaned FoF all around out to @ 150 yds, hardened up his firing positions w/steel plates decorated to look like panels, and added surprises for groups. He has even added 1/2" acrylic to replace glass windows in some places. It supposed to stop 45/shotgun/22s. Best thing is that it does not shatter like glass. Best thing is that it is very "Grey" looking--just a normal looking rural house sitting on a slight rise.
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    Phase Two of inventory redistribution offer goes into effect tomorrow--July 12. If you like the current offer, act fast.
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