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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RaymondPeter, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Before reading this, please be forewarned that it’s late for me (been up since 4am [coffee2]) and I have been sick so I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. Therefore this might not make a lot of sense and I am sure I will ramble. So…if anyone has any questions feel free to post them and I’ll try to clarify after I’ve gotten some sleep. lol

    Here it goes… [rnt]

    Is it me or is this site missing something? Something that we take for granted most of the time. Plants. Yes, I said plants. We have a section devoted to hunting and fishing, but we have no section specifically for growing our own food crops. There are more than a few members on here that have a garden, and there are some that are extremely knowledgeable about the subject.

    There is something to be said for growing your own food, to knowing where it has come from; and to knowing that you aren’t eating some genetically mutated, pesticide ridden, flavorless junk that the industrial-agro-corporations in this country are feeding us.

    Instead of going to the big box store or buyers club you can easily grow part, most, or even all of your vegetable needs with just a little work. Instead of being stuck with generic “red beans” you can try one of the multitude of bean varieties and dry them yourself for storage. How about growing storage crops like squash, potatoes, onions, apples, etc? Survival doesn’t have to be bland people!

    Eventually if things do go to hell in a hand basket [shtf], our food stores will run out and need to be replenished. That is one reason why we teach each other to hunt and fish, even to trap. When we can’t go to the store down the road anymore where will we get our meat? Hunting. Well where will we get our fruits and vegetables when the store is gone? Gardening. So why aren’t we doing more to help each other learn to grow food crops?

    Personally I would love a place to share my successes (and failures) with other members. Currently the best section to post these topics would be the back to basics sub-forum. While I love this site, and I wouldn’t keep coming back to it if I didn’t, I hate having to go to other sites for the majority of my garden research and sharing of my experiences. Especially when there is so much talent/knowledge on here. Yes I could (and probably should start to [beat]) post in the general section or the back to basics, but there are problems with that. In the general section it is easy for a post to get buried in the random and off topic posts, and many people don’t check the back to basics section for one reason or another. Some don’t because they think that the section has nothing to offer them since they aren’t “hard core” survivalists and don’t need to know how to do things such as how to butcher their own livestock, or how to make their own compasses. Others don’t because they aren’t sure exactly what is in there and instead of checking it out (shame they don’t) they go to the sections that they know exactly what they’ll find in there.

    Do I think this would be the most posted in section? I would be lying to say I think that it would be even close, after all this isn’t a gardening site, but I do think that it will be a useful addition to the site and to members “toolboxes” of general survival skills.

    Admin note: If there are "enough" replies to this post, we'll try to set up a subforum for exchange of ideas and experiences. There are already quite a few threads dealing with cold frames, square foot gardening, and the like that could be collected in such a subforum if someone would take on the chore. Or, (preferably from an admin point of view) it could stand on its own starting from scratch. Bear in mind that gardening for survival situations is small scale. At this time, we are only establishing interest, not starting the forum.
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    Hmm... I guess nobody else is interested...
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    Actually, I was negligent by not responding. I do think there is an interest and it is growing all the time. I would like to see a sub-forum on growning our own food stuff.

    Thanks for the suggestions RP and sorry it took me so long to answer.
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    No worries RH. I often don't respond to posts that I would like to because of time constraints. And I also understand that many people on this forum don't care about any sort of gardening. Their choice. I for one have plenty of other places to go for sharing gardening info. But haven't one set place on here would be nice (for me) as well.
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    Maybe I can elicit advise as to how to get rid of all those damned weeds. I am spending way too much time pulling them and they are winning the battle.[troll]
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    Why types of weeds? There are TONS of ways to reduce the
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