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    Dang, I was hoping it would make my hair nice and glossy.
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    Tail and mane baby!
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    I have to take a pic of the stuff my wife feeds her "Special" Dog sometime. The stuff looks better than what she gets me to eat!
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    There are plenty of recipe books for preparing haute cuisine for cats and dogs....10 Best Gourmet Dog Food Recipes for a Healthy Dog some even look good enough to eat.

    Some dogs have a taste for human flesh...though it is a delicacy that they try at their own risk. :eek:
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  5. This isn't about doggy snacks, but in the depth of the cold war( mid "60's) Uncle Sam sent out a request for arctic rations that didn't require heating for G.I.s that might have to fight in REALLY cold weather. A company with a local facility (Ralston-Purina) offered their submission. They already had a product that met the requirements. They simply diverted Monkey chow from the last fat coating. I was told R-P got the contract.
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    Ralston Purina (originally Ralston-Purina) traces its roots to 1894, when founder William H. Danforth established the animal feed company Purina Mills. Danforth, partnered with George Robinson and William Andrews, entered the business of feeding farm animals by founding the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company. Its predominant brand for each animal was generally referred to as "Chow"; hence "Purina Horse Chow", "Purina Dog Chow", "Purina Cat Chow", "Purina Rabbit Chow", "Purina Pig Chow", and "Purina Monkey Chow".

    Later, the company began producing cereal, which received endorsement by Webster Edgerly, founder of Ralstonism, to market Ralston breakfast cereals. Edgerly was at the time promoting the consumption of whole-grain cereal. These cereals became so successful that the name of the enterprise was changed in 1902 to the Ralston-Purina Company.[2][3]

    In 1986, Ralston Purina sold Purina Mills, its US animal feed business, to British Petroleum. Purina Mills is now owned by Land O'Lakes. In 1994, the Ralston "human food" operations of the Ralston Purina Company were spun off into a new company called Ralcorp Holdings. In 1998, Ralston Purina spun off its international animal feed business as Agribrands, which was acquired by Cargill in 2001.[4] The animal feed businesses continue to use the Purina and Chow brands, which Purina Mills and Cargill license for use in the US and internationally, respectively.

    I remember the breakfast a kidddo.
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    If it matters, Cargill was on point for food safety when I worked for them. Everyone was HACCP certified and about 20% of us were HACCP Inspector Certified. They didn't cut corners on training or oversight.
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    My son just tried the dog treats I brought home. They don’t even say they’re human grade but he ate one anyways. He said they didn’t taste as good as they described on the package.
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    Lol they never do.
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    It's gotten to the point that USA Made may only refer to the bag
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