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Found some CHEAP ammo online... Anyone try Collins Cart. Co?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Blackjack, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Just found this online ammo dealer... great prices. It's Collins Cartridge. Anybody use 'em yet?

  2. TexasDoc

    TexasDoc Monkey+++ Founding Member

    I have been using them for the past 5 years and they do make some great loads ,I have used there 180gr.FMJ in a 40 S&W and there 230gr Ball in a 45 acp . they are the place i get me Winchester Ranger Ammo from as they have the best prices I have found .

  3. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Cool, I'll give'em a try.... I didn't see anything about shipping rates, got any insight there?
  4. TexasDoc

    TexasDoc Monkey+++ Founding Member

    my last order was 1K of 45 acp and it was only 15.00 shipping

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