Four Jamaicans !!!!

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    Four Jamaicans were sitting around a campfire near the beach. They were all philosophising on what was the fastest thing in the world. Seymour said, " Me tink de fasses ting is a thought, because b4 u can tink it it already thought." Winston said, " Nah man, da fassess ting is a blink, cos b4 you tink 2 blink you blink already." Delroy said, " No man, da fassess ting is helectricity becas when you turn on de light it travels fass and de lite come on." Leroy say, " Nah man, You is
    aaaaaaalll wrong man !!! I knows dat for a Fact dat De fassess ting in de world most definite is diarrhoea, Cos las nite b4 i could tink, blink, or switch on de lite, Me **** meself !!!
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