FOX news? What happened to the sound?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Aug 8, 2010.

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    I don't think that had anything to do with the broadcast, in that it wasn't intentionally done to cover up what was being reported on. Stories like that have to be cleared before being aired anyway, and the emergency broadcast system is routinely used -even if it does sometimes interrupt those controversial moments. Notice how the reporters were already butchering the story, and not a single one of them even seriously contemplated the 2012 apocalypse. It's all crazy theory to them. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but they certainly aren't objective enough to tell people "why" so many believe this. Perhaps many believe that it's the Mayan prediction. Perhaps it's the clandestine measures taken by governments around the world to build underground facilities and seed banks. Maybe it's the numerous alien and UFO sightings worldwide. It could be the changes in the environment or the religious predictions and prophecy. No matter what, either way you look at this story, it still benefits the corporations.

    Fear is still fear no matter what angle is depicted.
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    Even if they did believe it, they couldn't act like they did or they'd lose 80% of their viewers over night. Elephants in the room etc etc.
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    Fear can be good and bad...fear can ruin someones quality of life if subjected to it all the watching the news and they show only bad stuff, murders, crimes, etc. But without a dose of fear maybe we wouldn't be prepping, learning and storing, making ourselves self sufficient IF something bad really happens. I know one thing...If I had no kids, I wouldn't care about anything...Only my military training would be enough. But when you have kids, it's totally different ball game. I'd rather be called crazy and alarmist and be ready and prepared, than risking something happening and leaving my family in dire straits....No contest here...
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    I have always had problems with the sound from our "direct tv", when it comes to Fox! I have the sound set @ 100% and can just make it out, setting 4 feet away!
    I think it has to do with their studio...I have even sent them emails about it!
    Maybe they have some neophites running their systems?
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    You just gotta KNOW that "Blondie, Doofus and The Fatman" are all going to be Zombie chow come the TEOTWAWKI Event....... b::
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    Zombie chow.. BWAHAHAHAHAHHA .. my sides hurt![rofllmao]
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    Hmmmm...I'd have some other plans for the Blondie... [booze]
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    I expect she'd have only ONE 'talent' to bring to any survival group........

    My poin being these blow-dried Talking Heads have NO concept of the coming troubles and how to prepare for them. They will be among the first to die in the streets awaiting the Government to come to the rescue and save their worthless hides.
    They are MSM Grasshoppers, ridiculing the few 'ants' out there........
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    Hehehe...I ate grasshoppers in the army survival... :D


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