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    (not sure about this...I didn't see a copyright and don't know if the OP had permission....Mods, do what you must)[/quote]

    This first book came out in early 70s. A couple years later I was in high school and used an article about moonshining as my resource for an American history class project to create a model still and teach all the students how to make shine. Teacher thought it was great. My dad bought all the books for the first half dozen releases or so. Foxfire 3 came out in mid 70s and these were all copyrighted. I enjoyed those.

    They are a great series for back to the old ways of homesteading and living. They documented the Appalachian ways of the turn of the century through the backwoods 1960s. A good bit of self-reliance info in the first several books.

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    I can confirm that this was not shared with permission. I once wrote to the Foxfire Fund about free PDF copies of their book and they said no, and thanked me profusely for telling them about it, and offered a coupon discount on any book :) Their only way to make money is on book sales so they sic Random House on anyone who shares the PDFs without permission.
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