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    I broke my foot this week. Really silly in that I simply was distracted for a moment when coming down the stairs in my socks, missed the last step and came down hard on the ball of my foot which overloaded the 5th metatarsal and sheared it. X-ray looked much like this.

    So, when medically prepping, I think there may be an item or two possibly worth stocking. Our family's personal data points probably aren't representative but they do give pause. In the last 8 years I have broken both my right and left feet. My wife has broken her foot (plus had 3 surgeries on one) and my mother broke her foot last year. We have broken far more feet than experiencing lacerations that needed sutures. It is common for people to stock 50-100 dollars worth or more of suturing supplies, skin staples, lidocaine, hemostats, etc.

    But how many people stock an orthopedic fracture boot? They are employed much more often than casts anymore (saw three other people in boots at church over past couple months). They give good support for weight bearing/walking. Ones with pneumatic ankle support are available. Their easy removal makes care of any broken skin far easier greatly reducing infection risk compared to other casting and splinting methods.

    Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot , Medium:Amazon:Health & Personal Care

    Bledsoe J Walker Walking BootMediumMidCalf:Amazon:Health & Personal Care

    They are aren't terribly expensive even for a new one, used one's can be found for next to nothing and there is no left/right and one size will fit a wide range of feet sizes.
    I was able to pull my old boot out of the closet and be able to walk again before getting an X-ray confirming what I pretty much knew. We have three of the Bledsoe models in our house in a couple sizes and they increasingly seem to be a good item to store away. Keep you eyes open for a garage sale steal. The foam might degrade over time so seal it in a bag with some O2 absorbers to keep it in good shape while in long time storage.

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    I have never heard of a family with some many foot issues. Sorry to read about your foot. We have one of those walking boots and crutches, due to a torn Achilles. I agree, I think I have seen these boots at yard sales.
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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but good advice. We should still have such a boot from my wife's broken foot. I will make sure it does NOT end up in a yard sale.
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    I grew up in a construction family, so the idea of sturdy foot gear was always on my mind. I've had my share of injuries over the years. However, I can truthfully say I've never suffered a foot injury while wearing good sturdy boots. I'm working in an office right now, but I'm wearing steel toed boots. My everyday off-work footwear are steel toed boots.

    When we got the farm in 2001, I had two small sons. The farm house had been abandoned for 10 years prior to us taking over. For 5 years it was a construction site, so my kids grew up with the constant danger of nails, screws, splinters, etc. They got into sturdy boots when they got up in the morning and they'd put them on to go to the bathroom at night.

    My point is this: If we're talking a real SHTF situation, there is nothing as incapacitating or as needless as a foot injury. It is easily preventable. However, I hear almost no discussion of it. I'm no purist by any stretch. I've had exactly the same injury as the OP, and it took me a year or more to get over it. I've had to hike miles in full pack on one foot and a hiking staff from a stupid injury. If you are serious about survival get in the habit of wearing sturdy lace-up boots and go no where with out them. Walk out your door everyday thinking this might be your last visit to the house.

    One last thought, and then I'll leave you: I ran into a fellow I'd known for several years, and hadn't seen in a while. His right leg was bandaged and he was on a crutch. He's been walking barefoot at a pool party and taken a splinter between two toes as he was coming across the wooden deck. It had been a month, and he'd had surgery twice, and they were thinking they might have to cut off the foot.
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    Dang! Rough looking break, Hope it heals well.
    I have a Frankenstein boot in the garage w/ crutches Never know when my accident prone cousin comes around!
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