France and Ukraine ??

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    Every time one of these countries doesn't like the way things are going, they Dissolve the government and then hold New Elections. Nothing new about this. It happens all the time, if enough of the local Politicos decide that they are ticked off, with their Uppers.... Just about any National Crisis can cause a .Gov to fall, if there isn't a Majority consensus.
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    The French also have long been champions of liberty, despite what some radical neocons spread a few years ago. They are the children of revolution, and sometimes I wish we could be more like them in this regard.

    Wherever you see corporate henchmen claiming there is a "crisis" and only 'they' can fix it, that's a sign of a power grab. Of course, looking at this particular situation in France, and all Europe for that matter, we're dealing more with spoiled children arguing over how much of a credit line they can run up and how they can convince the masses to pay for it, in true socialist fashion.
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