France has Bastille Day, The Americans, Independance Aussies have Australia Day

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    We do it a little differently than most...not much flag waving, and few inspiring songs....but we got BBQs and beach cricket!

    Even the float people are welcome!
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    The company I work for had an Aussie as CEO for awhile. He introduced us to ANZAC day. Curiosity got the best of me, being something of a fan of military history. Did a little on-line research - the whole story was quite interesting. I was watching the TV one day and was pleasantly surprised to run into a documentary on the subject, although for the Aussies and New Zealanders stuck at Gallipoli (think that's how it's spelled) I don't think it was quite so pleasant.
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    One of the most important military campaigns in history, great idea and then everything went wrong. What could of happened to the USA in WWII in the Pacific if we hadn't learned and Guadalcanal came close to being our version and probably would have been if not for the heroic actions of a few hundred Marines. Supplies, indecision, one turk pulling a hopeless situation on their side into a stalemate. Destroyed Churchill for years. Must read about if you have any interest in military history or brave actions by individual soldiers, or how to lose a generation of your young men in a meaningless way. Beats he** out of watching television.
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    Chellovec, ANZAC seems to have a way of removing most of the finest young men from the gene pool, Turkey and France in WWI, North Africa and the rest of the world in WWII. Never did seem to understand that the idea was to make the enemy die for his country, not to die with honor for yours. It really isn't a good career to be known as the unit that will plug the hole in the line and let the rest of the Army survive. They died well, I salute their memories and just wish it didn't have to happen and while I have every faith in this your newest generation, I hope it never happens again..
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    As do I and other Australians. As bad and as bloody as Gallipoli was, the diggers were to confront worse horrors on the Western Front. Australians had the honour, among others, of introducing American doughboys to the business of trench warfare on the western front.

    Thomas A. Pope - Wikipedia

    Journal of the Australian War Memorial | Australian War Memorial

    US 27th Div; A Yank's View of the Attack on the Hindenburg Line
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    Now, there is actually a movie, a rather good one too, about the 'diggers' on the Western Front. It's called Beneath Hill 60 and is worth a look. It's a true story and so horrific that scares me just to think about it. Yes, I thought it was very well done.
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