France orders investigation on GM corn (linked to cancer)

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by CATO, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Good! I hope they come up with something solid and sue Montsanto's azz off!
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    Monsanto has pretty much had their way with lawsuits filed against them.So much so that it would seem that a LOT of brown envelopes are being passed out.The other GMO heavy companies are having just as good of luck too.Could be something to do with this NWO I heard about but probably just my tin foil hat is too tight.No one would want to control the worlds food supply right?Oh well, wonder what's on TV tonight.Following the trail would be just too much thinking and work.
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    The sheep need some scary picture to put them in a panic:


    Study above has questionable finding (probably according to some Monsanto lackey with a new boat). But, sheeple won't read...they like pictures.
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    Definitely worth the 4 minutes to watch.
  6. Chewing water is sounding better all the time...
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  8. I didn't even think of how my signature actually relates to this subject. Kidney stones are already being broken up with ultrasonic waves. (For those who aren't that familiar, ablation is "the wearing away of something...") As the conversation went with my other half's MS doctor, this works well on simple molecules, but to break up a tumor, such as in the pancreas for example, requires a symphony of sounds. This is what I want to work on eventually. Right now I want to experiment with the simple task of getting a series of bursts from an electromagnet to alter the path of a few bugs. Once I have that accomplished, the MS docs will endorse my work and get me the lab mice and rats inflicted with experimental animal encephalitis. I could actually infect some on my own by injecting human spinal fluid into theirs, but then I'd be in trouble with the ASPCA. I'll leave that up to the other guys. I want to get their nerves to work again... sort of with a pacer.

    Oddest thing about it all, is a fellow who used to frequent the same Christian coffee house I did, is one of the leading experts in putting GM pork and mutton in the farms... Several years back he was questioned as to whether his triplets were clones. He denied such.
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