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    In the 1970's when I first came to New Hampshire I had several jobs. One, for a couple of years, was in a plant that made apple juice and vinegar. We pressed local apples into juice, if it was good and and if we had the customers it was bottled as apple juice, if not we made vinegar out of it. The process for making vinegar was to sprinkle the apple juice into a big redwood silo like tank that had no top. There was about 25 feet of beechwood shavings in the tank and as the juice slowly filtered down through the tank to the bottom and then it was pumped back to the top, the yeasts would gradually convert it to applejack and then to vinegar. It took a couple of months and I was told that the yeast colony was at least 20 years old. Then it was aged in redwood tanks for 6 months or more and bottled. Sometime in the 1970,s they got in a German made machine that used a special yeast and straight grain alcohol and it made "distilled or plain" vinegar in about 3 days. That was diluted, filtered, bottled, and out of the plant in a week. The "process" vinegar, used in the food industry, came from a chemical factory as acetic acid in 5000 gallon tank trucks and before it was cut we had to wear hazmat suits to prevent acid burns. It was cut with water and sent out that week. I know the beechwood processing tanks were removed in the middle 1970's and I have no idea how the cider vinegar is made now. The apple press is gone and now they add water to an apple concentrate that may come from one of the following countries Russia, Poland, Brazil, China and New Zealand, or at least that is what the empty barrels say. Is there any goodness in the new product and will it act like the old product as it contains the right amount of acetic acid, I have no idea as I do not use it. Is the apple juice made from concentrate healthy? I do not know. I do not want to step on any toes, but I am very interested in viewing the posts on vinegar from peach peels or anything else as well as apple pressing, now or after TSTF. I would also like to know if any other members have had personal experiences with the foods in their areas? Tinfoil hat optional.
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    Well I don't know.
    But my wife has food sensitivities and she cannot consume anything that contains distilled vinegar. We read a lot of food labels. For instance, many name brand ketchups such as Heinz uses distilled and or triple distilled vinegar. The el cheapo store brands do not.
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    Thanks for the story Duane. There is a guy named Sandor Katz who gives workshops and has written a couple of books on fermentation, he has all kinds of recipes in his books from making sauerkraut to pickles to vinegars of different sorts.
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