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    Thanks. Snagged it. ;0
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    Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded also.
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    Downloaded...One of my projects is to get another Kindle paperwhite (battery life is phenomenal and you can read it in sunlight), load it up with every reference book needed post SHTF, and store it in an EMP safe container along with a solar charging kit.
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    I really like the Gen 3 Kindle Keyboard. I have been buying them on eBay with broken screens for an average of $10 and replacing them with aftermarket screens at under $20ea and about 5 mins work once you get the routine down. Currently have about a dozen of them including 2 in "the cage". One is packed with lots of survival stuff, including Backwoods Home issues, the Foxfire books, Mother Earth News, Popular Mechanics, lots of FMs and TMs and a ton of cookbooks. Another has about 400 PAW fiction books and stories among other goodies.
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    UncleMorgan Reviews "Survive Anything" by Beau Griffin

    Welcome, dear friends, once again to Uncle Morgan Reviews.
    Today we'll be discussing the best-selling Kindle survival book entitled "Survive Anything", by Beau Griffin.

    I must say, first, that the title is spot on.
    If you can manage to read all the way through this book, you can probably survive anything.

    The book is only 54 pages long, which is rather skimpy for the sheer mass of material it might be expected to contain. As a compendium of everything a person needs to know to survive anywhere in the world it is clearly less than comprehensive.

    The section dealing with Ocean Survival, for example, is a mere four sentences long, and reduces to 1.) Making salt water drinkable will be a problem. 2.) Catching and eating raw fish will be a problem. 3) Stay out of the sun because it will dehydrate you and give you sunstroke, and 4.) You won't have to worry about insects, but you shouldn't let the ocean predators eat your limbs.

    I noticed that no hint of a solution was provided for any of these "problems".

    As a survival book, this poorly-written piece of claptrap may well kill anyone who blindly follows some of it's more murderously stupid suggestions.

    For example, the book instructs that if one wants to eat a frog, it should be skinned first in case it is a poisonous species. Of course that completely overlooks the fact that if you skin out a poison dart frog you may well be dead before you can cook it. A golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis), usually has enough toxin to kill ten to twenty men, and it is most definitely a contact poison.

    The same suggestion is also applied to fish: skin any species that might be poisonous and remove the entrails. Unfortunately, if you try that with a puffer fish (aka figu) you probably will not live to see the morning sun.

    Whatever happened to the much more practical advice that a person should not eat anything that they do not know for an absolute fact is safe for human consumption?

    The section on First-Aid is also rife with simplistic and dangerous inaccuracies. It suggests, for example, that a burn victim should not drink any liquid.

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    Blister formation and evaporative losses through damaged skin can pull large amounts of water out of a burn victim, and they can die of dehydration in a remarkably short time. Rehydration is critical to the survival of a burn victim.

    And so it goes, from one end of this compilation of claptrap to the other. It is obvious that the author has no hands-on survival experience of any kind, and is a bad writer to boot.

    By the time I reached page 54, I almost felt that only Death could save me from Survive Anything.

    UncleMorgan gives Survive Anything by Beau Griffin a resounding four thumbs down, and a 12-storey drop into the office Dumpster.

    (And if he had two copies, he'd make it a double!)
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    Shows free only for unlimited accounts not prime is this correct ?
  8. UncleMorgan

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    I got it with just Prime.
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    Nope, it's free either way.
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    Uncle Morgan, I laughed and laughed. You are of course spot on, but let's face it, it's free and might get some lib-tard loser to think (OK, "lib-tard" and "to think" in the same sentences,what was I thinking?!). 54 pages IS rather slim, but I know some people (the post about one of them I posted here was removed I noticed. Hmmm....) who have an attention span of a may fly and to wade through (GASP!) FIFTY FOUR PAGES with out a single lib-tard/Hillery quote? Well good golly! Obviously it got you to think and post a review and maybe that will make someone ELSE think!
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    OK I see it showed purchase but was 0.00 good deal. Will read it this evening thank you :)
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