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Using ONLY locally available materials, it is possible for ANY homeowner to virtually eliminate thei

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    Free Air Conditioning - Using ONLY locally available materials, it is possible for ANY homeowner to virtually eliminate thei

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    Interesting. The free air conditioning is nothing fundamentally new as I read about these in the mid 70's. Clever implementation to use 4 inch sewer pipe for ground heat exchanger. Biggest issue with these is dealing with the condensation inside the pipes which they do address.

    The first three solar systems are not new (had a physics professor in college which effectively had Version 2 in 1978.) Version 4 is unique with used motor oil, had not seen that concept before. Not sure I'd want to run the risk of a leak with that. Their calculations while seem to be mathematically correct, seem to be rather optimistic for their own systems and rather pessimistic for various aspects of the competing systems. Regardless, some good ideas here for a DIY system.

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    Earth-tube air cooling has had a long history. One of the by-products (water condensates) can be a problem, with the risk of health and drainage issues if not addressed. The good news is, if handled creatively, this water can be conserved, (with appropriate treatment, depending on proposed use ), for use in gardens, watering trees, as a fire -fighting static supply of water, laundering, toilet flushing. With sterilisation treatment, the water could be used for stock watering, and if necessary as a source of potable water supply.

    The other thing to be aware of is that in a PAW or even less than PAW situation, the air flow inlet may become a vulnerability in the event of BOL or BIL attack. One would need to be able to isolate the system to prevent its exploitation by enterprising, creative gremlins.
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